About the Center:

About the Center:

The Research Consultation and Training Center is a consultation body that depends on its staff members and on the University of Tripoli experts and facilities to achieve its objectives.  The Center aspires to cooperate with different institutions for the utmost utilization of local expertise within its areas of specialties maintaining the standards of quality assurance.


Excellence in research, consultancy, training, and capacity building for sustainable development


Active contribution in scientific development through localization of scientific research and encourage creativity and innovation for the development of society and improve the efficiency of its institutions



The Center aims to:

  1. Provide a stimulating environment for creativity, innovation and excellence in research, consultancy and training for various sectors of the community and its institutions to serve the development plans and programs.
  2. Achieving global standards of quality and accreditation in all areas of its activities.
  3. Strengthening of bridges of communication with different sectors of society and the development of partnerships at the local, regional and international.
  4. Contribute to efforts to protect the environment and sustainability locally and internationally.
  5.  Optimal investment of available resources by focusing and integration of efforts and capabilities in various fields.
  6.  Development and establishment of analytical reference laboratories.


Center Activities:

University of Tripoli possesses wide base of experts, consultants and technicians in various fields of scientific and practical knowledge of basic sciences, engineering, agricultural, medical, economic, social, humanitarian, legal, art, media, sports and others.

The activities of the Centre includes but not limited the following:

  1. Research.
  2. Consulting and technical studies.
  3.  The University Reference Laboratories.
  4. Training and continuous education.