About the Office

About the Office

The Office of International Cooperation is specialized in scientific and cultural cooperation between the university and local, regional and international institutions of higher education.  It provides information, expertise and scientific advice through the exchange programs of faculty members and students, and conducting joint scientific research by holding and activating cooperation agreements with universities and various research institutions, as well as coordination to hold conferences, scientific seminars and workshops.



Concept and culture Consolidation




To establish and develop a network of cooperation with local, regional, and international universities, organizations and bodies related to higher education and scientific research so as to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the University.



  • Introducing and publicizing the University of Tripoli .
  • Opening cooperation prospects and developing local and international programs in the fields of higher education and scientific research.
  • Taking advantage of opportunities at the local, regional and international levels to raise the standard of education and scientific research at the University of Tripoli.


Duties of the Office

  • Communicating and coordinating with local, regional and international organizations related to the University.
  • Preparing memorandums of understanding and cooperation agreements between the University of Tripoli and local, regional and international higher education institutions.
  • Following up the implementation of the programs resulting from the agreements and memorandums of understanding signed between the University of Tripoli and its counterparts from local, regional and international institutions.


The Office coordinates for the following tasks:

  • The exchange of students between the University of Tripoli and International universities through the concluded memorandums of cooperation.
  • The delegations representing the University of Tripoli in international forums and preparing the necessary arrangements, in addition to receiving and hosting delegations in accordance with the various cooperation programs.
  • The conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and exhibitions carried out by the University.
  • Coordinates the implementation of sabbatical leave for Teaching Staff- Members of the University through joint cooperation and bilateral agreements.
  • Coordinates efforts with the Administration of Stuff-Members Affairs to meet the needs of the University for expatriate professors through joint cooperation and bilateral agreements.
  • With the Administration of the Post-Graduate Studies and Training at the University to carry out short- term study programs for post graduate students.


Contact Information

Tel. 00218214625301

Fax:  00218214620325

e.mail: ico@uot.edu.ly