Achievements of the Center

  • Installing internet equipment  With a capacity of 155 mega byte.
  • Installing a wireless  Wifi system and operating it at some sites in the university.
  • Installing and preparing computer laboratories with their extensions (11 lab. For graduate  studies, 18 lab for under graduate and 5 labs for the Research consultation and Training center.
  • Installing a station for card issuing using RF technology.
  • Installing a complete camera monitoring system at the university.
  • Installing  & Operating the infrastructure system for Microsoft cloud computing  at the university, which provides the university students and staff with the following online services, such as UOT Email, Video Conference through Skype for business, word, excel, One drive for business, Class one note, Public & Private Groups, Yammer,  and integrating it with the university website.
  •  Renewing the infrastructure of lead cables to use the lines for the purposes of Internet through Dslam Equipment.
  • Installing of the network resource management system(Billing system), a centeralized system through which control of Internet access in terms of ensuring the identity of users and determine the powers granted to them, such as the time of entry and the amount Quota.