Launching of CT Scan Device.

Launching  of CT Scan Device   

On Thursday morning , Dr. Nabil Al-Natah, President of the University of Tripoli, launched the CT scan device accompanied by Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Uzi, Vice-President of Tripoli University for Medical  Facultys, Dr. Mohamed Hanish, Director of Tripoli Medical Hospital, Director of Diagnostic Radiology at the hospital and a member of North African Medical Sciences Company. It is worth mentioning that the device is used for  taking images of various medical cases such as the follow-up of tumors and their early diagnosis. The President of the University confirmed that this device will be used for dealing with the diseases affecting the employees of the University, in particular,  and all other categories, starting by  the cases referred by Tripoli Medical Hospital. It is important to note that the Imaging services will be free of charge.