Welcome from the President

In the name of God, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful


I am pleased and honoured to welcome you to the website of the University of Tripoli, which we hope will be a channel connecting between the University and its surroundings: locally, regionally and internationally.


The world is witnessing a scientific boom that has never been seen in history.  At the beginning of the 21st century, the world has entered a new phase that is classified as the stage of information revolution; its base is a determined race to gain science and knowledge.  The possibility of living has closely become linked to society’s ability to create and develop knowledge, and make use of modern technologies. The acquisition of knowledge, or the creation of knowledge itself is no longer an intellectual luxury that is specific to the elite and prohibited to the layman. It has become an imperative necessity required by the possibility of survival in a world where ignorance recedes and knowledge has no boundaries.


Universities have huge responsibilities; they cannot be places where worthless education degrees devoid of content are issued.  They should be arenas of excellence through creativity and innovation providing real educational opportunities for future generations.  Moreover, they should vigorously localise and imprint knowledge in a manner that preserves the identity and characteristics of society.


This leading educational research institution has a strong conviction that education, especially the higher one, represents the basis of change in society since it is the foundation stone of the process of acquiring skills, building and refining capabilities and competencies and preparing the youths to establish a solid base for sustainable development of society and promote it to the ranks of developed societies.


I extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to all staff members and employees of the University of Tripoli who strive to fulfil its goals.


President of the University

Prof. Madani A. Dakhil