With the aim of the assessment of Scientific Research and linking it with strategic planning, International Academic and Research Institutions tend to document their academic findings in the form of scientific papers, textbooks, treatises, patents or other forms of scientific research. 


However, the paradox and intricacy of information availability is not pertinent just to University of Tripoli, rather it is a complexity facing all decision makers in both native and international universities. Access to resources and information for the purpose of scientific research is not an easy task. That is because the parties sponsoring scientific research and accountable for it are numerous and each operates rather independently.


Hence, there is a pressing need for the establishment of a complete base for scientific research at University of Tripoli to be used by all researchers at the University. This base for scientific research may also provide all types of information, statistics, reports and indicators  needed by decision makers within the university or outside. These products of scientific research include: