Structure of the center

Structure of the Research Consultation and Training Center

The structure of the center consists of the Research Consultation and Training Center of the following bureaus and departments:

1. Board of Administration.

2. President of the Board of Administration.

3. Head of the Center

4. Deputies of the Head of the Center

5. Bureau of the quality Assurance and Performance assessment, subdivided into:

  • Unit of Quality Assurance
  • Unit of Performance assessment

6. Bureau of Legal Affairs   

7. Bureau of Media, Information and Documentation

8. Bureau of Auditing and Following up

9. Bureau of Safety and Environment

10. Administration of Technical Matters; subdivided into:

  • Maintenance Department
  • Inspection and supervision Department

11. Administration and Finance Division, subdivided into:

  • Finance Department
  • Administration Department
  • General Relation Department
  • Purchases and warehouse Department

12.  Administration of referential Laboratories,subdivided into:

  • Unit of food and medicine Analyses.
  • Unit of insecticides and clinical toxins Analyses
  • Unit of Chemical Analyses
  • Unit of Fodder Analyses
  • Unit of Biological and Medical Analyses
  • Unit of Physiological analyses

13. Administration of Research and Consultations, Subdivided into:

  • Department of Research and Studies
  • Department of Consultations

14. Administration of Training, subdivided into:

  • Local (in-house) Training Department
  • Abroad Training Department

15. Administration of Departments of Research and Training at the Faculties