Visiting the Faculty of Medicine.

Visiting the Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Nabil Al-Natah, President of the University of Tripoli, paid a visit to the Faculty of Medicine, accompanied by Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Uzi, Vice-president for Medical  Facultys, and Dr. Ayman Ibrahim, Vice president  for Student Affairs. A meeting was held at the Faculty, attended  by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Faten bin Rajab Mr. Ahmed Zayed, vice/ dean of  the faculty along with a number of faculty members, where Prof. Dr. Nabil welcomed the attendees. Through this meeting, the strategic and the operational plan was presented along with the work plan for 2018. The regulation of the new faculty, which is under review, was, also,  presented.

Dr. Faten, also, spoke about many plans for students and staff members to find solutions for the fresh students. She also mentioned that the semester system is better than the yearly system for the students. Dr. Al-Uzi talked about the most important priorities that should be given attention at this stage along with activating  the skills department and the need to find solutions to the problems facing this Department and to establish a medical education department, which in turn,  will care about clinical education and  the internship stage.