Welcome Statement

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The Research Consultation and Training Center is established to achieve the mission and goals of the University. The Center is a national expertise house. It is concerned with providing research and scientific and technical consultation services for the University and the Society. This provision of consultation, training and research services as suggestions and solutions for the questions of development in the Society gives credit to the University and enhances its status in the Society.

The Center intends to improve the quality of services provided through training and continuous development and through the provision of resources and an appropriate environment for work. It also intends to firmly fix the standards of quality at all areas of work in the Center to guarantee a distinctive leading role. The Center contributes in shaping the general policies of the University through the provision of relevant data, statistics and information to decision makers.  

In cooperation with experts at the University, the Center, considering the activities it conducts and supervises at all areas of its activities, endeavors to present itself as an ideal choice for both private and governmental institutions.  

The Center General Manager

Prof. Dr. Ramadan A. Alfegi