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Mr. Muhamed Ahmed Almihdi Albaddi

محمد هو احد اعضاء هيئة التدريس بقسم اللغة الانجليزية بكلية التربية طرابلس. يعمل السيد محمد بجامعة طرابلس كـمحاضر مساعد منذ 2015-06-24 وله العديد من المنشورات العلمية في مجال تخصصه


Some of publications in Department of English Language

Teaching Pre-Service Teachers Critical Reading through the Newspapers

This paper discussed the importance of critical reading by discussing how newspaper articles can be used to encourage pre-service teachers to read critically and showing them how to develop learners' critical reading. arabic 8 English 61
Entisar ALi Hadi Elsherif, fatma alhammali ali dreid(1-2014)
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Prospects of Creating the Reflective Teacher for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Abstract Teacher self-evaluation is an important dimension in the overall evaluation activities in educational programs. However, this dimension is often overlooked and not given its right share of importance. Teacher self-evaluation is neither included in teacher training programs nor is considered a basic requirement from teachers as they develop in their careers. The significance and value of teacher self-evaluation as a core element in continuing professional development requires that self-evaluation proceed all other forms of evaluation. To support the claim that teacher self-evaluation is a missing element in the area of investigation, the researchers conducted a study which adopted a survey that involved eleven schools and 86 Libyan teachers. The results of the study showed that while many teachers perform some sort of self-reflection about their teaching, they do not recognize self-evaluation as a basic requirement in developing their career. When the effectiveness of teacher self-evaluation was probed in contrast to external evaluation, most teachers agreed that teacher self-evaluation could play a far more vital role in continuing professional development. Keywords Continuing Professional development, External evaluation, Self- evaluation.
Fawzia Mohamed Elwafi, Yousra Ali Aghanimi, Fahima Mohamed Bannur(4-2021)
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Returning to Graduation Project: Attitudes and Perceived Challenges of Students and Staff at a Libyan EFL Department

In 1997, the Department of English (Faculty of Languages, University of Tripoli) canceled Graduation Project (GP) as a graduation requirement primarily due to growing student plagiarism. Two decades on, the Department decided it is time for Returning to Graduation Project (RGP). In preparation for this, a Research Methods (RM) module was delivered to students, and an intense ‘research design and methodology’ course was taken by the staff. In this exploratory mixed-methods case-study research, the main question focuses on attitudes and perceived challenges facing students and staff concerning RGP. The aim is to tackle negative attitudes and perceived obstacles in anticipation of a successful RGP, which spells out the significance of the research. Data were collected through a questionnaire (n=52) and a focus group discussion with seventh-semester students (10); semi-structured interviews with staff (13). A small majority of students (54%) supported RGP; the remaining 46% raised two kinds of concerns: realistic challenges of lacking resources, inadequate RM skills, and supervisor issues; unrealistic challenges involved time constraints, fear of presenting, and problems of determining research topics. Staff members were receptive to RGP but raised numerous concerns. Whereas experienced members expressed cynicism due to low students competencies and lacking resources, others saw RGP as an opportunity for students to gain practical research experience ahead of postgraduate study. Several challenges were perceived, chief among them are students lack of research skills, inexperienced supervisors, inadequate resources, and an ever-lasting concern with plagiarism. New staff reported the need for tuition in ‘data analysis and interpretation’, and ‘supervision practice’. Peculiarities characteristic of the case milieu emerged. arabic 18 English 99
ٌٌReda Khaled Emhemmed Elmabruk(1-2020)
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