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Mr. Esanossi Mohammad Esanossi Haroon

السنوسي محمد هارون هو احد اعضاء هيئة التدريس بقسم اللغة الانجليزية بكلية التربية طرابلس. يعمل السيد السنوسي هارون بجامعة طرابلس كـمحاضر مساعد.


Some of publications in Department of English Language

Judging the Judges: Examining Supervisors Assessment of Unobservable Skills in Developed EFL Teaching Practice Model.

This qualitative descriptive case study reflects the researcher's experience, as a Teaching Practice (TP) Co-ordinator at the Libyan Faculty of Education Tripoli (FET), in developing and examining academic supervisors’ implementation of an innovative TP Assessment Model for EFL trainees. Previous assessment lacked accuracy and comprehensiveness and relied solely on assessing behavioural observable skills. The new TPAM incorporates, for the first time at FET, Unobservable Skills Assessment through supporting documents that supervisors use to assess trainees’ skills in classroom observation, feedback provision, self-reflection, and reporting on TP experience, all of which comprise a Teaching Practice Portfolio (TPP). The study focuses on a key concern: (1) How to develop existing assessment criteria in an objective and comprehensive manner embracing both observable and unobservable skills. Two operational sub-questions emerged: (2) How would the supervisors’ implement the Unobservable Skills Assessment in the TPAM; (3) How would trainees respond to Unobservable Skills Assessment criteria? Data were collected through quantitative analysis of the supporting documents; semi-structured interviews with seven supervisors involved; focus group discussions with trainee teachers. The findings show that while the supervisors were satisfied with the developed assessment criteria, their overall performance in implementing the Unobservable Skills Assessment was poor; besides a lack of immediate feedback provision after school visits, the supporting documents for unobservable skills were not fully executed. Only two supervisors out of seven demonstrated acceptable adherence to the model requirements. Some trainees had reservations regarding the extra workload required in carrying out self-reflections and in writing reports of TP experience; others considered the criterion of professional development outlook inconsequential during initial teacher training. arabic 16 English 101
ٌٌReda Khaled Emhemmed Elmabruk(1-2020)
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Teaching Pre-Service Teachers Critical Reading through the Newspapers

This paper discussed the importance of critical reading by discussing how newspaper articles can be used to encourage pre-service teachers to read critically and showing them how to develop learners' critical reading. arabic 8 English 61
Entisar ALi Hadi Elsherif, fatma alhammali ali dreid(1-2014)
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Code-Switching Between English and the Cyber Language through Computer-Mediated Communication: Discussion of Integrating Code-Switching in ESL Classroom

Code-Switching Between English and the Cyber Language through Computer-Mediated Communication arabic 20 English 132
Nadia Abdurrahman A. Nsir, Entisar ALi Hadi Elsherif(1-2014)
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