This site presents journals published by the University of Tripoli - Libya. 


  • Faculty of Languages Journal

    Jotnal issued by the faculty of languages, university of Tripoli

  • Faculty of Education Journal

     مجلة كلية التربية – مجلة علمية محكمة تصدر عن كلية التربية - طرابلس - جامعة طرابلس.

    Journal of the Faculty of Education Tripoli is a fully refereed scholarly journal published biannually by the Faculty of Education Tripoli, University of Tripoli.

    البريد الإلكتروني للتواصل مع هيئة التحرير

  • Journal of Engineering Research

    The Journal of Engineering Research is a peer-reviewed scientific journal issued by the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tripoli - Libya. This journal aims to spread innovative knowledge in the field of engineering sciences and technology. It is an open access online journal that is issued twice a year. A special issue of the journal can be issued if the editorial board deems a need for that. All published research papers are subject to the principles of scientific evaluation in the field of publication and documentation.

    The journal's activity began with the end of the eighties of the last century, where the first issue was published in March 1989, the second issue was in December 1991, the third issue was in March 1992, and the fourth issue was issued in June 1995. After that, the journal stopped being issued.

    The journal has been re-issued continuously since 2006, with two issues per year (March and September), where it issued thirty-one issues until the end of March 2021 on the internet.

    The editorial board seeks to develop it, expand its reach and provide an opportunity for those interested to view it, as all its issues have been uploaded to the journals website on the internet.

    The journal vision

    Achieving primacy and excellence in the field of publishing scientific engineering research in both Arabic and English, and regional and global spread in the field of scientific publishing.

    The journal message

    Contribute to the production of knowledge that serves society, and support creativity in the field of engineering sciences by publishing innovative and refereed scientific research.

    The journal objectives

    • Publishing solid and distinguished scientific research in the field of engineering sciences, which contributes to the progress and development of society.
    • That the journal be the first choice for publishing engineering research, and that it be among the prestigious scientific journals, highly rated in the field of engineering sciences.
  • The Libyan Journal of Science

    The Libyan Journal of science is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that aims to publish high-quality papers rapidly and freely available to researchers worldwide. 

    Libyan Journal of science is an Open-Access online and printed journal, that publishes Original Articles, Review Articles, Short Communications and Case Reports in all areas of science and its related subjects.



  • The Libyan Journal of Agriculture

    The Libyan Journal of Agricultural Sciences is considered one of the most important publications of the College of Agriculture - University of Tripoli. It is a semi-annual scientific journal. It is supervised by a group of faculty members who form the editorial board of the journal. A decision is issued by the President of the University.

    The journal accepts refereed scientific research that includes the results of original studies and research in the field of agricultural science and technology, as well as scientific interventions or criticism in response to new publications of books or scientific research published in one of the issues of the journal or other similar journals in the specialty.

    In addition to the results of refereed research and scientific studies that are presented in scientific conferences and symposiums in their field of competence in accordance with the terms of publication in the journal in the event that a booklet of the proceedings of the conference or symposium is not issued.