IE 402 : Hadiths of rulings (transactions)


Department of Islamic Economics

Academic Program

Bachelor in Islamic economics







Familiarity of the student with the knowledge, experience, and skills related to hadiths of rulings.• The student's application of the knowledge and experiences of the hadiths of rulings.• Encouraging the student to study the hadiths of rulings.• Providing students with appropriate methods and methods for teaching hadiths of rulings.

Intended learning outcomes

A- Knowledge and understanding:That the student knows the hadiths of rulings linguistically and idiomaticallyThat the student presents the hadiths of rulings contained in the section on transactions in Islamic jurisprudenceTo familiarize the student with the aspects of deduction of judgmentsTo remind the student of the types of legal rulingB- Scientific and professional skills:That the student applies the steps of teaching the Holy Qur’an and knows its topics and argumentsThat the student divides the Sunnah of the Prophet and recognizes its validity and conditionsThat the student prepares a topic on the conditions of inference with the textual evidenceThe student presents a lesson on the divisions of legal evidence and the fundamentalists' opinions about it

Teaching and learning methods

1. Be guided by lectures.2. Papers, research papers, and panel discussions.3. Homework.

Methods of assessments

midterm exam 40% Final exam 60%.