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Naser Elmabrok Ettuati Basti


Master degree

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Mr. Naser Basti is a faculty member in the Department of Italian Language at the Faculty of Languages. Mr. Basti has been working at the University of Tripoli as a lecturer since 3/24/2015. He has many academic publications in his field of specialization, which were published in the Journals of the Faculty of Languages and Al-Ostath. He also worked as a coordinator for studies and examinations and as a reviewer in the Journal of Faculty of Languages. He established the scientific committee and chaired Curricula Committee in the Department.  


Mr. Basti works in the Department Italian Language according to the appointment decision issued on 3/24/2015. He was appointed as an assistant lecturer, and taught various scientific subjects. He was also assigned the duties of the study and examinations coordinator in the Department as of Fall semester 2015/2016 until the Fall semester 2018/2019. Mr. Al-Basti was assigned to head the Department from 4 to 26 June 2016. He was promoted to ‘Lecturer’ as of 02/27/2019

Research Interests

Mr. Basti has published several scientific researches in his field of specialization in the Journals of the Faculty of Languages and Al-Ostath. He prefers to teach grammar, morphology, research methods, and teaching methods. 

External Activities

He worked as a translator with several legal translation offices, and he also worked as an Italian language teacher at the Manarat Libya Center for Training and Languages.

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All since 2017


Journal Article

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