Prof. Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud kaabour

  • َQualifications: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Academic Rank: Professor
  • Department of Library and Information
  • faculty of Arts Tripoli



All since 2019


The tasks assigned to Professor Dr. Mahmoud Kabour:Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ali Kabour is one of the faculty members in the Department of Libraries and Information at the Faculty of Arts, University of Tripoli. He specializes in the field of libraries and information, specific specialty: documents and manuscripts. He undertakes teaching duties at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, master’s and doctoral studies. He assumes the duties of the department’s graduate studies coordinator from 2019 to 2023. He undertakes the tasks of supervising many scientific theses at the master’s level and has many scientific publications in his field of specialization.


Head of the Library and Information Department in 2016 and 2020. And Postgraduate Studies Coordinator in the Library and Information Department from 2019 to 2023.

Research Interests

He has broad research interests in the field of libraries and information, including: the field of archiving, periodicals, and university libraries, especially in the field of documents and manuscripts. Among his published scientific contributions are:

Writing a book entitled Arabic manuscripts in Libyan libraries: their composition, control, publication, and ways to benefit from them. Al-Marqab University Publications, 2013.

He has many scientific articles in peer-reviewed Libyan periodicals and magazines, including (Editing and Publishing Arabic Manuscripts. University of Benghazi Conference 2008) (Obstacles to Book Publishing in the Arab World Journal of the College of Arts, No. 19 in 2011) (The Role of National Libraries in Preserving Intellectual Production, College of Arts Magazine, No. 20 in 2012) ) (Islamic libraries and their impact on Islamic civilization, Rawafid al-Ma’rifa Volume 1, 2013) (Study curricula in the libraries and information departments of Libyan universities, Al-Marqab University Conference 2015) (Arab experiences in preserving, digitizing, and making documents and manuscripts available. The symposium proceedings were organized by the Al-Tahir Charitable Foundation 2018) (The scribes in Libya and their role in printing and publishing since the 1950s. Symposium of the Al-Taher Al-Zawi Foundation 2018) (Pedagogical training for library and information specialists and information services marketing, Faculty of Humanities, Al-Marqab University 2021).

External Activities

He served as head of the educational inspection unit for school libraries at the municipal level of Tripoli, from 1984 to 1996 AD.

Coordinator of intermediate education institutes in the Art Education Division of the Municipality of Tripoli from 1982 to 1984 AD