Prof. TalalAbuktwa

Department of Training Faculty of Physical and Sport Sciences {PESPS}

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Prof. Talal Fakhrealden Abdsalam Abuktwa


Doctor of Phiosophy

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Talal Abu Khatwa has been a professor since 09-11-2015. He teaches several subjects in his specialization and has many publications in his field of interest.  Talal is a professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the University of Tripoli, and works full-time  as a professor in the Department of  Training Organization and Management, Methods of Practical Research and Philosophy, as  well as a researcher in these subjects and supervisor of a number  of graduates of the college in both its university and higher studies  and lecturer, He has regular publications in international scientific journals and conferences inside and outside Libya.  Talal has worked as a supervisor of many scientific theses in postgraduate studies, currently working as an academic reviewer for promotion research in some universities in Libya and previously served as a member of the Faculty Affairs Committee at the University of Tripoli.  He held several positions as Minister of Youth and Sports and Advisor to the Government and the Libyan Olympic Committee.   


In 1993 was chosen e  demonstrator  at the faculty and 1997 was the year of obtaining the scientific qualification for the high degree "Master" and  was then awarded the scientific degree "assistant lecturer" and sent to study the exact degree "PhD", which I obtained in 2006 from  the Faculty of Physical Education for Boys at Alexandria University and the scientific degree lecturer, and after the publication For many local and international research and participations, he obtained the degree of assistant professor in  2007, as well as many  papers in which he obtained the degree of associate professor in 2011. She obtained the current degree as a professor in the year 2015 after publishing refereed research papers. 

Research Interests

For several years, Talal has been  publishing research in Libya and abroad, as well as academic supervision in several diverse fields in the bachelor's and master's degrees,  in the fields of organization, administration and related disciplines.

External Activities

1.              Member of the General Assembly of the Libyan Olympic Committee

2.              Chairman of the technical committees of the Libyan Basketball Federation

3.              Chairman of the committees for the development of sports regulations and systems

4.              Chairman of the Committee to amend the Sports Law and Club Regulations

5.              Member of the African Basketball Confederation Development Committee

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