Prof. aishabenrween

Department of Family and Community Medicine faculty of Medicine

Full name

Prof. aisha ahmed mansour benrween


Doctor of Phiosophy

Academic Rank



aisha benrween is one of the staff members at the department   faculty of medicine . He is working as professor since 2022.6.1. she teaches several subjects in her major and has several publications in the field of her interest.


2022---professor at family and community medicine department

2017---2022 --associated prof at family and community medicine department

2013---2017--assistant prof at family and community medicine department

2002--2013--lecturer at family and community medicine department

1989--2002--assistant researcher  at family and community medicine department

Research Interests

She has research interests in her areas of specialization, which is family and community medicine, such as chronic diseases, endemic diseases, mental health, and school health.

External Activities

-She works as a lecturer at the Council of Medical Specialties in Tripoli for general medicine students, and a lecturer at the University of Al-Zawiya, Al-Marqab and Misrata

-Supervising postgraduate research for the specialty of general practice and assisting in research for postgraduate studies in various disciplines

-as reviewer for the research of post graduate of general practice specialty and Scientific Research and Consultation Center

University Journal

-As an external examiner for Family and Community Medicine at Al-Zawiya University, Al-Marqab University, and Benghazi

-Giving lectures for health and safety at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tripoliز

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All since 2017