Prof. MohamedAhmed

Department of Microbiology & Parasitology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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Prof. Mohamed Omar Basher Ahmed


Doctor of Phiosophy

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Prof. Mohamed O. B. Ahmed is a staff member at the department of microbiology and parasitology, faculty of veterinary medicine. He is currently a professor working at the university since 26-09-2007. He teaches several subjects in his scientific domain and has produced several publications in the field of medicine.


Mohamed holds a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine form the faculty of veterinary medicine at Tripoli university (formerly know Alfateh University). Currently a staff member at the department of microbiology and parasitology at University of Tripoli in Libya. He has been collaborating with various research centre in Libya as well as healthcare settings in various research activities publishing novel data.  

Research Interests

Mohamed Ahmed was a PhD student at Liverpool University, graduating in 2006 and his studies involved the investigation of antimicrobial resistance in enteric bacterial organisms from equines. This work has generated a novel epidemiological data in relation to the zoonotic risks of horses and their role as potential reservoir for antimicrobial resistance in North-West England, UK (Ahmed MO 2010; Annal Clin Micro & Antimicro).

The research experience involved a great deal of diagnostic microbiology and genetic characterization (PCR, PFGE, MLST, automated microbiological identification systems and WGS), combined with epidemiological and risk factors analysis. The range of techniques meant that Mohamed had to work closely with people from a range of disciplines – human and veterinary microbiology, epidemiology and veterinary clinicians. His recent and current research interests have covered wide range of disciplines and involved studying zoonotic and infectious agents to understand the dynamic of antimicrobial resistance at national and international levels.


External Activities

So far, Mohamed Ahmed published and co-authored over 100 articles and publishing data which are available in PubMed, Google scholarship and ResearchGate. Also, he has been involved in reviewing many articles in collaboration with many international journals. He has also taken up administrative-scientific roles in his faculty and collaborated with national academic institutions and international research institutions. 

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