Prof. AbdurraoufGaja

Department of Surgery & ٍٍReproductive Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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Prof. Abdurraouf Omar Ahmed Gaja


Doctor of Phiosophy

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Dr. Abdurraouf Gaja, is a faculty member in the Department of Surgery and Theriogenology, Division of Reproduction, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Abdurraouf Gaja has been working at the University of Tripoli since 03/09/2003.

Dr. Abdul Raouf Qajah teaches Theriogenology, he gives theoretical lectures and practical lessons to fourth-year students and fifth-year students at the college. He also contributes to qualifying internship students in the practical and theoretical aspects. Also, the doctor is committed to being present daily in the college and the veterinary teaching hospital of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in the event of any cases related to the field of specialization or providing any scientific advice in the field of subspecialty to serve the citizen and society. He has many scientific publications in his field of specialization, published in local and international journals.


Research Interests

Dr. Abdurraouf Gaja obtained a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine in the year 2000  from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tripoli (formally Alfateh University), he is one of the first in the batch. He was selected to occupy the position of Teaching Assistant in the Department of Surgery and Reproductive Medicine at the University on March 9 th 2003. He traveled for postgraduate studies in Japan in the year 2004  and joined Kagoshima University to start in a doctorate degree program in the field of reproduction in 2005 at the College of Veterinary Medicine/ Kagoshima university. He obtained a PhD degree with honors in 2009. The doctor was re-appointed to the rank of lecturer in the year 2010, and he continued his knowledgeable promotions in 2013 as an assistant professor, and then in the year 2017 as an associate professor. He held several administrative positions during this period, including Director of the Office of Faculty Members Affairs in the college from 2012 to 2014, then head of the scientific department of the Department of Surgery and Reproductive Medicine from 2015 to 2019, then director of the Postgraduate Studies and Training Office in the college from 2021 to the present.

External Activities

Dr. Abdurraouf Gaja consider one of journal referee in the field of animal reproduction

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Journal Article

Marwan M. Draid, Abdurraouf O. Gaja, Hoda R. Shnaishah (6-2021)
Asma mohamed elbahi, Shaima A. M. Mahgiubi, Abdurraouf O. Gaja3 (8-2022)
Open Veterinary Journal, 4(12), pp. 519-524