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Huda Milad Mohamed Benzayed


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Hoda Milad Ben Zayed has been a faculty member at the University of Tripoli since 2011, and she is currently working in the Biology Department at the College of Education - Tripoli with the degree of a lecturer. 2016-2019, she is interested in electronic downloading for students and is concerned with solving their problems, and then she assumed the duties of the information and documentation office in the college since 2020 and is still currently occupying its duties and is the director responsible for managing the official website of the College of Education - Tripoli and supervising its content.


Before joining the University of Tripoli, she worked as an analysis technician in the Airport Road Clinics Complex - Tripoli in the period: 2004-2005, because she had received training courses in the field of laboratories and conducting analyzes in the Department of Laboratories and Medical Analysis and the Blood Bank \ Tripoli Center and the Department of Laboratories and Medical Analysis \ Al-Khadra Hospital - Tripoli In 2002, she worked as a teacher in intermediate education at Taqrift High School for girls majoring in life sciences in the period: 2004-2008, and at the beginning of joining the university she worked as a collaborator in the Biology Department at the Faculty of Education - Tripoli before becoming a faculty member in the department from 2011 to the present time and is interested in teaching students And supervising graduation projects.

Research Interests

She has interests in research fields related to her specialization in botany in general, and she has a research paper published in the Journal of the College of Education - Tripoli, entitled: “Isolation of Fungi Associated with Children’s Scalp Hair” and papers in progress.- Interested in Mycology, especially: - Diseases caused by fungi parasitic on plants, humans and animals.Aquatic fungi in Libya.Interested in Taxonomy, especially studies that revolve around the vegetation cover in Libya.

External Activities

She cooperated in teaching courses related to specialization in the advanced educational course that was prepared for the rehabilitation of male and female teachers at the Higher Institute (Majd Al-Arab) - Tripoli 2010.

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هدى ميلاد محمد بن زائد, أمال مصطفي ميلاد انبيه (3-2017)
مجلة كلية التربية\ طرابلس, 12(0), الصفحات 12-20