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About University of Tripoli

About the University of Tripoli

The first university in Libya was established by a royal decree on December 15, 1955 under the name of “University of Libya”. It began with the Colleges of Arts and Education in Benghazi. In 1957, the Faculty of Science was established in Tripoli. This formed the inception of the University of Tripoli. Then, the Faculty of Agriculture was birthed in 1966. However, before that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) created the Higher Technical Studies Faculty, which later was annexed to the University of Libya in 1967 under the name of Faculty of Engineering. In 1973, the University of Libya split into University of Benghazi and University of Tripoli. In 1976, its name was changed to Al-Fateh University. In 2009, the Medical colleges were separated to become “Al-Fateh University for Medical Sciences”. This lasted one year as in 2010 the medical colleges were coupled together back to University of Al-Fateh. In 2012 the university regained its original name as the University of Tripoli. Faculties were constantly established at the University of Tripoli to reach 20 colleges. 

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Dr. Abdurrezagh Shabshaba
Department of Business Administration Management - faculty of Economy
Dr. Aboubaker Garbaj
Department of Food Hygiene - Faculty of Vet Medicine
Dr. Faiza G abdalla lakh Lakhdher
Department of - Faculty of Physical and Sport Sciences {PESPS}
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Some of publications in University of Tripoli

Hakim S. Abdelgader (1-2022), Effect of slag coal ash and foamed glass on the mechanical properties of two-stage concrete, Elsevier, , pp. 1-7.
Publisher website

ezuldeen mohammed abraheem aboushalloua (1-2022), Determination of Lead and Cadmium Concentration in Different Samples of Tea and Coffee Circulating in the Libyan Market, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), 1(11), pp. 510-512.
Publisher website

Abdualtif Asheg, Eissa,A., Abdelsalam,M (6-2014), Vibrio vulnificus gyrB gene for DNA gyrase subunit B, partial cds, strain: redsco2, NCBI, .
Publisher website

Abdulatif Asheg, Abdulwahab Kammon (5-2015), Influenza A virus (A/chicken/Libya/14VIR2749-16/2014(H5N1)) segment 4 hemagglutinin (HA) gene, partial cds, , .
Publisher website

سراج رجب المريمي (10-2021), الإجرام السياسي في التشريع الجنائي الليبي , دار الحكمة طرابلس, , الصفحات 1-119.

الطاهر امحمد الحاج (5-2021), قراءة في مصدرية الشريعة الإسلامية للتشريعات , مجلة العلوم الشرعية والقانونية _كلية القانون جامعة المرقب , , الصفحات 492-508.

امحمد معمر امحمد الرازقي (5-2021), وقفات سريعة على بعض أحكام الشريعة الإسلامية.. قراءة في فقه العقوبات , مجلة العلوم الشرعية والقانونية _كلية القانون جامعة المرقب , , الصفحات 24-25.

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