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About Shariaa Scienes College - Tajora

The Faculty of Sharia Sciences - Tajoura was established by the Prime Minister’s Resolution No. (166) of 2015 under the name (Faculty of Sharia and Law – Girls, Tajoura), and its affiliation was to the Al-Asmari University of Islamic Sciences. The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research issued Resolution No. (398) of 2016 to transfer the affiliation to the University of Tripoli and was renamed ‘Faculty of Sharia Sciences’ according to the Minister of Education Resolution No. (1571) of 2017.


The duration of the study in the Faculty of Sharia Sciences is four academic years, after which students are granted a specialized university degree (BA) in Sharia sciences.

Who works at the Shariaa Scienes College - Tajora

Shariaa Scienes College - Tajora has more than 3 academic staff members

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Dr. Mohamed kalil ali elmozoogy