Cosmic Energy... Science, Religion, or Sorcery?

On Tuesday corresponding to 10-1-2023 AD, a scientific symposium was held in the college theater organized by the Department of Fundamentals of Religion under the title (Cosmic Energy...Science, Religion, or Sorcery?) in the presence of the Dean of the College, heads of departments in the College, faculty members, college students, and guests from outside the College. Some students of the Faculty of Sharia and Ifta, and there is a female presence from outside the college. It was discussed.

Introducing the new age movement and denouncing the alleged energy in science and law.

Energy promoters and ways of their influence.

Violation of the law of attraction.

Yoga is a sport or a cult?

Internal hospitalization.

This seminar aims to:

1. Doing the duty of calling to God and warning against false beliefs and contemporary pagan rituals and defending evil and denouncing evil to preserve the integrity of monotheism.

2. Contributing to preventing the spread of contemporary esoteric beliefs that take forms that all Muslims may not notice.

3. Criticizing the applications of the New Age movement and demonstrating its invalidity in terms of empirical science and true law.

3Educate the specialists about the reality of the New Age movement and its effects, so that they can effectively face the danger.

The symposium came out with several recommendations, the most significant of which are:

1. Work to educate the public and warn them of incoming dogmatic thought through appropriate means.

Advise Muslims who promote new age movements and debate with them with wisdom and good advice, since they are our brothers. The reason for this is that they have the right to give us advice.

3. Continual monitoring of developments in dogmatic thought in various vital fields by specialists.

4. Form specialized committees to follow up on contractual violations in each field separately.

5. Several specialized science stud students responded to applications of contemporary esoteric thought in various media.

6. Communicating with senior scholars and official fatwa bodies to issue fatwas clarifying the provisions of the applications and practices promoted by the New Age Movement.

7. Communicate with the concerned authorities to limit the spread of this thought and its practices.