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Karima Mohamed Ali Elmasri


Doctor of Phiosophy

Academic Rank



·      May 2022, Head of Nuclear Engineering Department, University of Tripoli. 

·      January 2019: Lecturer – University of Tripoli, Nuclear Engineering Department, Libya.

·      2008– Mar 2013: Assistant Lecturer  – University of Tripoli, Nuclear Engineering Department, Libya.

2006- Radiation Safety Officer at the Nuclear Engineering Department.

·      Mar 1997 - 2008: Laboratory Eng. – University of Tripoli, Libya.·  



Engineer & ٍResearcher at Nuclear Eng. Laboratories 1999-2009

Assistant Lecturer 

Lecturer from 2019

Nuclear En Dept. Quality  coordinator

The Head of Nuclear Engineering Department, From May 2022

Research Interests

My interest in applying my knowledge of physics of radiation, radiation detection and measurements in oil and gas, medical imaging techniques, health physics and image processing that began through a PhD scholarship at Cardiff University, which I was granted from University of Tripoli. I joined Cardiff University between 2014-2018, where I developed a system for detecting the calcification in the abdominal aorta at the early stage based on the validated vertebral fracture assessment test (VFA). The results of this research were published in high-impact scientific conferences and under revision for journals. In addition to this and as a part of my study, I have worked at Cardiff University Hospital to investigate the performance of the Hologic dual energy x-ray absorptiometry in the detection of abdominal aortic calcification using a phantom which was designed for this purpose.

Currently, my concern is about many national issues, in which the most important are the radiation risk and increasing the tumor cases due to the misuse of several applications of radiation in my country.

I worked in the Radiation Measurements Center with my colleagues to investigate the radiation exposure within the medical centers as well as in oil industry. In addition, I have been nominated as radiation protection officer by the IAEA since 2006 at the University of Tripoli.

External Activities

·      Oct 2007– Dec 2008: Physicist – National Institute of Oncology, Sabrata, Liby.

·      Second Coordinator, Contact point and technical expert in Early Warning Gamma Dose Rate Monitoring System INT9185 project in Libya.

September 2020-September 2021: Scientific Consultant- (Part time )- the Centre of Radiation Measurements and Triaging CRMT. 2020-2021

·      A member of Emergency Preparedness and Response Standards Committee (EPReSC), 2021 for 3 years.

·        A member of the Scientific Committee of the Conference on the Environmental Impact of Pollution, 2021.

·      Head of the Norm Measurement Committee in the Slough Floating Tank of Mellitah Company, 2021.

·      Reviewer at the third Conference of Environment, Misrata, 2022.

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