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The Faculty of Education - Tripoli is one of the oldest faculties of the University of Tripoli. It was replaced by the Higher Institutes for Teacher Education in 1998-1999. However, in 2004/2005, Faculties of Teacher Preparation were established in various Libyan universities. Further, in 2008-2009, it was renamed to be the College of Education - Tripoli, to return to what it was, a long-standing educational monument under the name of Faculty of Education - Tripoli.

It dates back to the mid-sixties of the last century, that is, nearly a century, as it was established under the name of the Higher Teachers College in conjunction with the UNESCO in 1965 and the UNESCO ensured the provision of a number of experts to the college. In 1967, the Faculty joined the Libyan University at that time. In 1970, it was decided to change its name to become the College of Education. The College of Education moved to several places in the city of Tripoli throughout its long history.

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Dr. mohamed beleid eltahar abdulaziz

محمد بلعيد عبد العزيز " أحد أعضاء هيئة التدريس بقسم معلم فصل بكلية التربية طرابلس / جامعة طرابلس كـمحاضر منذ 2011-12-29 وله العديد من المنشورات العلمية والمشاركات في المؤتمرات العلمية الداخلية والخارجية في مجال تخصصه "وقد تولى خلال هذه الفترة العديد من المهام الإدارية كالتالي : - منسق الدراسة والامتحانات بالقسم - منسق النشاط الطلابي بالكلية - رئيس قسم معلم فصل بالكلية - منسق الاشراف الاكاديمي بالقسم - منسق المعلومات والتوثيق بالقسم - منسق مشاريع التخرج بالقسم


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Determination of Lead and Cadmium Concentration in Different Samples of Tea and Coffee Circulating in the Libyan Market

The study focused on determining the levels of lead and cadmium in some samples of the best-selling and popular tea and coffee among people in Tripoli city-Libya during the years 2018-2019. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) has been used to determine the concentrate of cadmium and lead ions in different 17 tea samples, and 11 coffee samples. The mean values of cadmium and lead in (mg/kg) in tea samples as follows: The highest value for cadmium was found in Libton tea sample 0.260 ? 0.017, while the lowest value was found in Alkoozi red tea and Alfrdous tea samples 0.037 ? 0.006, with the overall mean was 0.119 ? 0.054. The highest value for lead was found in Alkoozi green tea sample 2.153 ? 0.012, while the lowest value was found in Alzahra tea sample 0.187 ? 0.002, with the overall mean was 1.118 ? 0.612. The results show that there are no significant differences in the values of lead in all coffee samples, which ranged from 1.23 to 1.62 mg/kg with the overall mean was 1.277 ? 0.358, except Sheikh Hbahanbelend coffee sample 0.271? 0.002 mg/kg. While the cadmium concentration in coffee samples ranged from 0.022 to 0.064 mg/kg, with the mean value 0.0514?0.0012. From these results can be noticed that coffee samples have about 11 times higher concentration of cadmium than tea, whereas the concentration of lead in tea is about 22 times higher than that in coffee samples.
ezuldeen mohammed abraheem aboushalloua(1-2022)
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Hamza, A., David, G., Mcafee, A., & Abdullah, M. T. (2018). Annotated checklist of avifauna in Pulau Bidong, Malaysia. Journal of Sustainability Science and Management, 13(1), 103-116.

Avian diversity study focusing on islands in Malaysia is generally scarce compared to the unsurprisingly wealth of information on mainland birds. Similarly, Pulau Bidong is one of these islands with scarce ornithological information. It is located to the northwest of Kuala Terengganu, East Coast Peninsular Malaysia. A series of field surveys were conducted on the island between August 2014 and August 2016, using both point counts and mist netting methods to assess the bird species diversity at coastal area and within the forest canopy of the island. Unpublished data from 2006 were also added as it covers the Bidong trail area. Our results indicate that the total count is 26 species, belonging to 18 families and 23 genera. This species list is not exhaustive because the survey did not cover the main migration season from October to February, when it coincides with the monsoon season and rough weather. Further surveys will be needed to cover the nearby small islands in the archipelago.
Abdulmula Abdumagid Alhadi Hamza(6-2018)
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The adsorption of acid red 186(AR) onto activated carbon prepared from Libyan farms was studied, the effect of solution pH, contact time, adsorption dose and initial dye concentration was evaluated. The adsorption studied included Langmuir and Freundlish isotherms were applied to experimental results. The experimental results fitted very well to both adsorption isotherms. The mixture mono layer capacity obtained from Langmuir is q_e =7.62mg/g for activated carbon (100-45um) and q_e=7.194mg/g for activated carbon (lees than 45um).Therefore, activated carbon has the potential to be used as a low cost eco-friendly adsorbent for removal “activated carbon” dye from aqueous solution. arabic 11 English 57
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