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The Computer Science Department is one of the important departments at the University that was established with the founding of the Faculty of Education in Tripoli, in response to the requirements of the job market and the provision of qualified personnel in the fields of computer science. The duration of study in the department is eight academic semesters. The department aims to graduate specialized professionals in the field of education, computer science, its precise applications, and to academically and mentally prepare students in the field of computer science in line with the local and international job market. It aims to provide students with continuous self-learning abilities, the capacity to analyze problems and make decisions, and to provide opportunities and areas for continuous education for its graduates at higher education levels, community development, in addition to providing training services, consultations, and conducting other scientific activities such as scientific meetings, seminars, and scientific conferences as a service to the community, aligning the scientific vision with the practical reality imposed by the requirements of this era.

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The teaching program in the Computer Department aims to graduate capable specialists in the field of education and computer science and its precise applications, qualify students practically and mentally in the field of computer science in line with the local and international labor market, Provide students with the capabilities of self-education, the ability to analyze issues and  make decisions, provide opportunities and areas of continuing education for its graduates at the...


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LAILA ELHAKNON is one of the staff members at the department of 3 faculty of 17. He is working as a since 2016-05-01. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.

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