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The Faculty of Education is one of the higher education institutions that qualifies teachers for academic and educational positions. It keeps pace with all recent developments in various scientific and educational fields. The Faculty is keen to apply quality standards in all its scientific programs, as this will positively results in the level of graduates and enable them to actively involve with the labor market, whether in Libya or abroad, as well as entrust them with the ability to compete and excel.


The Faculty contributes to the drawing up of general pedagogical and educational policies for Libya, and sets appropriate strategies in the field of education and qualification. This is done through seminars, conferences and workshops that the Faculty carries out regularly, in addition to the contribution faculty members in various disciplines.


The Tripoli Faculty of Education occupies a renowned position among all faculties. This is a result of success in graduating generations that are able to work and diligently and sincerely compete in the scientific fields in general, and in the fields of education and qualification in particular. 


The mission of the Faculty of Education in general is to participate in the scientific, cultural and social construction of Libya’s institutions. It provides the Libyan community with distinguished scientific cadres capable of carrying out the mission of education and to get involved in serious researches and studies.


The Faculty of Education aims at

·         Preparing qualified teachers, in various specializations, to work in general education stages, from kindergarten and people with special needs, to basic education and intermediate education, in line with the needs and requirements of society.

·         Contributing with all educational institutions at home and abroad in the field of research and studies aimed at developing curricula and textbooks in order to achieve the goals of educational policy in Libya.

·         Cooperating with educational institutions in Libya to develop education through conferences, seminars and various scientific activities involve exchange of knowledge and experiences in various educational fields.

·         Providing university and postgraduate studies with programs to obtain specialized bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in various disciplines related to the nature of the Faculty.

·         Contributing to formulating the educational policies by participating in all committees and institutions responsible for planning and developing educational strategies in Libya.

·         Preparing qualified scientific cadres and researchers in the educational and scientific fields through graduate studies programs for the master's and doctoral levels.

·         Strengthening ties with other colleges, higher institutes, and other educational and scientific institutions, in order to contribute to the development of educational and scientific work in Libya.

·         Participating in the preparation, development and implementation of training and refreshing courses for teachers of various educational stages to raise the level of educational and scientific qualification and to update their knowledge and experiences.

Cooperating with educational institutions inside and outside Libya to develop education by participating in educational and scientific researches, attending scientific conferences, seminars, and exchanging knowledge and experiences.


1. Professionalism

2. Teamwork

3. Transparency

4. Equity 

5. Academic freedom

6. Appreciating diversity

7. Quality and distinction

8. Social and moral commitment

9. Responsibility and accountability

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