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The Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1975 and is considered the oldest faculty in Libya specialized pharmaceutical sciences. Since its establishment, it aims to contribute to raising the level of health services for citizens in Libya and to start seriously developing pharmaceutical services. It has entered this field on scientific grounds and after more than thirty-eight years, this institution is still providing the community with qualified staff who believe in their role in leading the fields of industry, drug control, and medical analysis. It strives to rationalize the use of medicines and make the most of medicinal herbs and plants. The study began at faculty at in 1976/1975. Studies continued in the old building, which is now occupied by the Faculty of Media and Arts. In 1983, a contract for the construction of a new building for the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Tripoli was concluded. It was built on an area of ​​forty thousand square meters “40,000 square meters” south of the University of Tripoli. The Faculty building is considered one of the most beautiful buildings at the university. it was chosen as one of the most beautiful educational buildings in the world, according to a report prepared by the World Organization for Culture and Science "UNESCO". The Faculty is bordered on the east side by the Faculty of Medicine, to form with the Tripoli Medical Center a distinguished model for specialized medical colleges. This institution is still supporting its graduates to become pharmacists of the future and to participate in building Libya.

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raja moftah masoud momen

Dr. Raja M. Moman B.Ph., MPhil., PhD I studied for my Ph.D. in pharmacy at the University of Manchester, division of pharmacy and optometry. Since 2017, my research at Manchester has focused on the interactions of oral bacteria with host tissues and allochthonous microorganisms. I had an MPhil degree in pharmacy from the same university in 2006, my research was regarding the recalcitrance of bacterial aggregates towards biocides. I have successfully supervised 7 MSc. students. My qualifications: • 2017 Ph.D. (University of Manchester). • 2006 MPhil. (University of Manchester). • 2001 IELTS English language student, (UMIST, Manchester). • 1992 Bachelor of Pharmacy (University of Tripoli). Methodological knowledge In vitro modeling (for biofilms, microbiotas, antimicrobial susceptibility testing), Human oral microbiome research, biofilms in diabetic acute and chronic foot infections, probiotics, antimicrobial resistance, hospital-acquired infections (eg. VAP), and microbicides. I was Head of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tripoli (2018-2020). I am Head of the study and examinations Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tripoli (2021-now). I welcome cooperation with any researcher in the areas I am interested in and prefer teamwork.

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