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The Faculty of Education is located within the municipality of Qasr bin Ghashir. It particularly covers the municipality’s need for teachers in various scientific disciplines. It was formed by the decision of the former General People's Committee Secretary No. (1386) of 1996. At the start, a Higher Institute for Teacher Education was established in Qasr bin Ghashir. The Institute aims to prepare graduates from the teachers that primary and secondary school institutions need. However, the General People's Committee (former) issued decision No. (118) of 2004 regarding the inclusion of higher institutes to universities and renaming them as teacher preparation colleges. Then, the Higher Institute for Teacher Education in Qasr Bin Ghashir joined the University of Tripoli to become the Faculty of Teacher Preparation. However, former people’s committee of the University of Tripoli issued decision No. (55) for 2009 to renaming the Faculties of Teacher Preparation to Faculties of Education. This includes the Faculty of Education, Qasr bin Ghashir. Its major aims was to work on preparing teachers scientifically and professionally in all scientific disciplines to meet the needs of Qasr Bin Ghashir Municipal Schools.

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ربيعة البركي هي احد اعضاء هيئة التدريس بقسم رياض الاطفال بكلية التربية قصر بن غشير. تعمل السيدة ربيعة البركي بجامعة طرابلس بدرجة محاضر ولها العديد من المنشورات العلمية في مجال تخصصها


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تأثير مادة النشا في إطالة فترة تخزين بعض الفواكه والخضروات في درجة حرارة الغرفة

تحضى تقنية المواد المستخدمة كأغلفة مستساغة لتغليف ثمار الفواكه والخضروات لغرض حفظها وإطالة فترة تخزينها بإهتمام واسع هذه الأيام في كثير من الدول،لما لها من نتائج إيجابية للمحافظة على الثمار بعد الحصاد؛ وذلك للمساهمة في زيادة إنتاج الغذاء وتحقيق الأمن الغذائي. اُستخدمت في هذه الدراسة مادة النشا لهذا الغرض عن طريق غمر بعض ثمار الفواكه (البرتقال، الموز، التفاح، الكمثرى والخوخ) وكذلك بعض ثمار الخضروات (الخيار، الطماطم، الفلفل، القرع والجزر) في محلول النشا في المعمل لفترة 15 دقيقة ثم تركت الثمار في حوافظ خاصة بها تهوية، ولوحظت التغيرات التي طرأت عليها. أوضحت هذه الدراسة أن جميع أصناف ثمار الفواكه المعاملة بمادة النشا عدا التفاح كانت أكثر مقاومة للأمراض الفطرية والفساد الذي طرأ عليها، مقارنة بالثمار الغير معاملة (الشاهد).بينما أبدت جميع ثمار الخضروات المعاملة مقاومة أكثر للأمراض الفطرية والفساد من الثمار الغير معاملة.
يوسف محمد عزو(6-2020)
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protected areas and national parks in Libya

Abstract The study outlined the justifications importance of protected areas to conserve the biodiversity. The major objectives of the study were to give a general look to the current status of wildlife in Libya and also to look in protected areas system. In addition, examining the national wildlife legislations and to compare them with the new concepts of biodiversity conversation. The study deals with the current situations of the wildlife resources in Libya, a description of the major ecological zones and species found in each protected area is listed. The conclusion of this part indicates unpleasant situation, particularly of medium and large size species and many species had extinct or in their way to extinction. However, the situations vary from zone to zone. The research also shows that most protected areas had carried studies on Biological diversity. The study examined the protected areas systems, in which lists of protected areas for each region is given, including to the information of area, date and objective of the establishment of each protected area. The research concluded that there is no uniformity between different protected areas in the region that need harmonizing and standardization but a promising movement towards the inclusion of new sites in the region to increase the areas of the protected areas to the recommended international standards. The study illustrated the legislations that control wildlife and protected areas institution. A list of the major laws and regulations is given in Libya. In addition, to a brief summary of the organizations, institutions that administer wildlife in the conservation aspects. arabic 7 English 37
Mohamed Kalefa Ali Mansur(12-2007)
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Design and Assessment of an Experimental SDN-Enabled Private Cloud using Openstack

Nowadays, educational and research institutions, especially universities, have considered their focus on cloud computing rather than using conventional prospects to take the most benefits of the services offered to support current trends in teaching and learning strategies. To build these networks in a cost effective way, open source cloud computing platforms are used. One of the powerful tools is Openstack, which allows users to create virtual networks and manage virtual machines within distributed learning environments. In this article, we describe our project on designing and evaluating a private cloud within a university environment using Openstack. To this end, we conduct a survey to measure the students' attitude towards the use of private clouds in which students and experts serve as samples. We design a virtual lab consisting of a number of virtual machines operated by a selected sample. We evaluate the proposed solution by adopting Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) methodology. The results obtained from this study show that the students' acceptance in using the private cloud in performing their tasks is encouraging albeit their anxiety on security issues and their lack of experience.
Belaid Mohammed Addokali, Adib Habbal, Suhaidi Hassan, Nabil Benamar(4-2017)
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