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Factors Influence The Readiness Of The Libyan Higher Educational Students Toward Using MOOC

The growing trend of Massive Open Online Courses has led to an enormous number of courses accessible over the internet under different MOOCs programs. When a person wants to learn a specific module, he can easily search it on the look-up site of the MOOC program and get a group of course propositions to choose from. Sometimes, the course may not contain all the required resources. Even if the learner spends time to take one course, he may not still get significant information for the learner taught in other courses. On the other hand, experiencing all related courses is not possible for a learner, and in particular, is not necessary when the courses do not cover the desired things. In general, it is easy to learn a lecture after several lectures since the content of the previous one is on the basis of the notions mentioned lastly.
Dr. Ebrahem ALI Elburase(1-2019)
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The higher education outcome in Libya is having serious issues (Elkaseh, Wong, & Fung, 2016). In this regard, according to the higher education ministry of Libya; the graduation rate from the Libyan university have declined sharply over the period 2011-2016, which can be sourced from the internal conflicts and lead to lower the attendance of the higher education students. This issue has formed a real challenge for the higher education system to figure out an alternative or complementary solution for this obstacle. Online courses are considered as …
Dr. Ebrahem ALI ELBURASE (1-2022)
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Implementation of Digital Image Compression Using The Comparison Between The Adjacent Pixel On RGB Image With Variant Brightness And Contrast

Information technology has witnessed a great development in the terms of the huge amount of information exchanged, the ways of exchanging this information, and the speed of its exchange. One of the most essential media used to transfer data is the digital image. Image compression plays a very important role in the transfer and storing of image data due to storage limitations. The main goal of image compression is to represent the image with the fewest number of bits without losing the basic information content within the original image. Digital images contain a large amount of digital information that needs efficient technologies to be stored and to transmit a large volume of data. In this study, a method was used to compress digital images, in which the bits of each pixel are compared with the pixels adjacent to it, and the result of the comparison is a new code to represent the bits of the second pixel, and its size is different, either increasing or decreasing, and calculating the image size after performing the compression process. Each pixel was divided into two parts, the right part of it was compared with the right part of the adjacent pixel, while the left part was compared to the left part of the adjacent pixel, therefore, a new code was obtained. This method was applied on a group of images with different content to obtain good results.
Adem.A.Bensaid, Jalal M. Mehalhal, Mohamed Egbisha(5-2022)
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