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The Faculty of Economics and Political Science is was established in 1981 in the University of Tripoli. At the beginning, it was a department under the name ‘Department of Economics’, then it was officially renamed the ‘Faculty of Economics and Political Science’ in 1991. It includes nine scientific departments: Department of Economics, Department of Accounting, Department of Business Administration, Department of Finance and Banking, Department of Financial Planning, Foundation Department, Department of Marketing and E-Commerce, Department of Statistics and Econometrics and Department of Political Science. The Faculty also includes a number of master's programs in business administration, accounting, economics, political science, marketing and e-commerce, in addition to doctoral programs in Business Administration.

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Bachelor - Statistics and econometrics

This program is one of the newest and most important majors in the college. It started with the establishment of the Department of Statistics and Econometrics...

Bachelor - Financial Planing

The financial planning major is one of the most important economics and business specializations in the field of business. The scheme plays an important...

Bachelor - Political Science

The program aims to prepare qualified students for studying political science deeply, with the manner of scientific thinking  and the ability of ...


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Abdulmula Guma Melud Maragani

I am highly motivated hard working responsible and honest individual. I am well committed and very flexible with work may it be with time or tasks set for me. I always strive to the highest standards in my work and take pride in all I do. With my scientific background, I have the ability to assimilate and analyze data and information effectively


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