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Dr. omran amer abuzriba albeti

عمران عامر البتي هو احد اعضاء هيئة التدريس بقسم المحاسبة بكلية الإقتصاد طرابلس. يعمل السيد عمران عامر البتي بجامعة طرابلس كـأستاذ مشارك منذ 2020-09-02 وله العديد من المنشورات العلمية في مجال تخصصه


Some of publications in Accounting Department

IFRS in Emerging Economics – Libya, Challenges and Opportunities

This book aims to provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities of adopting IFRS in emerging economics - Libya. The book focuses on developing countries because there is a lack of publication in IAS/IFRS area in these countries. This book is organised in three chapters. Chapter one reviews the accounting in emerging economics. The accounting profession in Libya is provided in chapter two. Chapter three presents challenges and opportunities of adopting IAS/IFRS in developing countries. arabic 12 English 54
Mohamed Abulgasem Zakari(8-2016)
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The Challenges of the Quality of Audit Evidence in Libya

This paper attempts to investigate the quality of audit evidence obtained by auditors in the Libyan context. In particular, this study explores the effects of the professional and academic qualifications of the auditor, consistency of evidence, and amount of evidence on the evidence. A questionnaire was used to collect data regarding the perceptions of the external, internal, state and taxation auditors on the effect of the three selected factors on evidence. To confirm and support the questionnaire findings semi-structured interviews were conducted with four target group. The results of the study indicate that professional and academic qualifications of the auditor, consistency of evidence, and amount of evidence all have a direct bearing on quality of evidence. arabic 9 English 47
Mohamed Zakari, Karim Menacere(1-2012)
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أثر تقنية المعلومات على دور المحاسب الإداري في ظل بيئة الأعمال الحديثة

Abstract Managerial accounting plays an important role in organizations through providing information which helps the management in carrying out its duties and achieving it's goals efficiently and effectively .The thesis discusses and covers the main reasons behind the weakness of planning , control and performance evaluation processes in today's modern business environment , where this weakness is mainly caused by the managerial accountant not using modern information technology (I T) in providing necessary information needed by management , which resulted in an ineffective planning and control and a weak performance evaluation, despite the fact that One of the main objectives of managerial accounting in modern business environment is to provide necessary information for planning , control and performance evaluation processes .This concept lead the researcher to choose the subject of the thesis in an attempt to figure out the positive impact of using IT in providing information for the purpose of planning , control and performance evaluation.The thesis also targets the classical role of the managerial accounting , where it stands today in a modern business environment using widely IT facilities and relying on its out comes .
أمين عبد الله محمد الدرناوي (2009)
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