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It is the vision of the University of Tripoli to achieve scientific, cognitive and behavioral distinctions for the society by the benefit of reaching an integrated and sustainable development.


The University of Tripoli seeks to:


-          develop scientific competencies and skills that meet the needs of society for development.

-          Involve in activities of scientific research and deliver knowledge in order to provide the best services to people, society and the world.

-          Provide consultations to state institutions and civil society.

-          Educate individuals through various means and channels in order to create role models of good citizens.


The University of Tripoli, through its strategic plan, seeks to achieve the following objectives:


-          Offering competitive educational programs at the university and at higher education level in terms of focusing on the various majors and skills that are essential for graduates, and linking these programs, in terms of quantity and quality, with the requirements and needs of the labor market.

-          Providing a stimulating environment for learning and scientific research, including the development of infrastructure, and organizational and administrative service and information.

-          Achieving international quality and accreditation standards in all programs and academic fields at the university.

-          Developing the scientific production of works, supporting research programs, and encouraging creativity, innovation and excellence in specific fields that serve local and international needs.

-          Achieving prosperity in publishing, authoring and translation activities.

-          Paying attention to the Arabic language and consolidating the values ​​and literature of the Arab Islamic civilization.

-          Strengthening bridges of communication with the community and developing local, regional and international partnerships.

-          Achieving optimal investment of the university's resources and capabilities and working to increase revenues and control expenses in all fields.

Encouraging active participation in the efforts that are constantly made to locally and internationally protect and sustain the environment. 

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