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The University's Faculty of Law was established pursuant to the decision issued by the General People's Committee for Education (formerly) regarding the establishment of Nasser International University in 1986. It became independent from Nasser University in 1994 and became one of the colleges of the University of Tripoli.

 The number of graduates of this college since its founding until the preparation of this guide reached 7,493 male and female students, and fifteen doctoral theses and three hundred and eighty-one master’s theses in various specializations were discussed there.

 The college includes (84) professors of various academic degrees and specializations, (46) teaching assistants, as well as (48) delegates abroad to prepare for the doctoral degree.

 The college currently follows the university year system, which consists of (24) weeks for the university year, so that the student passes the prescribed subjects according to the time frame specified for each subject.

 During the academic year, the student takes one midterm exam, during which he obtains a grade of (40), and at the end of the year, he takes the final exam, his grade is from (60), and from the sum of what the student obtains in the partial exam and the final exam, the student’s grade is determined if  Success is in accordance with what is stipulated in the general regulations for studies and examinations, and after the student passes the specified classes, the student is awarded the degree of Bachelor of Law.

 The college also grants high bachelor’s degrees (master’s) and precise degrees (doctorate) according to the conditions and mechanisms described in this guide, and in various departments, which are: the Criminal Law Department - the Islamic Sharia Department - the Public Law Department - and the Private Law Department.

 This division, at the bachelor’s degree stage, is a theoretical and organizational division, the purpose of which is to distribute the subjects within the scope of each department to its members and define their vocabulary, as well as specify the elective subjects and broadcast the requests of teaching assistants and faculty members...etc. The issue of precise specialization is not actually achieved except at the stage.  Graduate Studies .

 Years ago, the college administration in the city of Tripoli decided to open a branch in the city of Janzour (formerly Al-Najila) to serve the people of this city and its suburbs.  In order to save them the trouble of moving to and from the parent college in Tripoli, it also has another branch in the Tajoura area within Section C.

 We would also like to note here that the college publishes a peer-reviewed scientific journal, the “Journal of Law,” in which scientific research and studies in law and Islamic law are published. It always welcomes all researchers from inside and outside the college to publish their research and studies. Four issues have been published so far.

 We ask God Almighty for success, payment, and more effort and giving so that we can all participate in the advancement of our country..

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Dr. faiza younis Mohammed EL BASHA

faiza EL BASHA is one of the staff members at the department of 3 faculty of 11. He is working as a since 2012-09-26. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.


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