Mr. HaniAlriteemi

Department of English Language faculty of Education Tripoli

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Mr. Hani Khalleefa Ahmed Alriteemi


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Mr Hani K. Ertemi is a lecturer of English at the department of English of the Faculty of Education of UoT. His research is situated in the field of Teacher Training & Education in Emergencies, with a special focus on Educational Technology. Hani teaches several courses on English for Specific Purposes, English for Academic Purposes to Vocational and ELT students. Hani also organized workshops on Virtual Learning Environments VLE for students, academics and professionals at the Faculty of Education, UoT. Hani is the Head of the English department since September 2017, and has been into several leadership roles at the Faculty of Education, including Quality assurance coordinator, IT & Documentation coordinator, and a member of the Scholarly council of the English department.

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Master degree

Applied Linguistics
Libyan Academy
12 ,2013

Bachelor Degree

English Literature
University of Zawia
7 ,2010


Peer Observation as a Tool of Professional Development

The aim of this exploratory and empirical case study is to investigate the effectiveness of using classroom observation for developing English language teaching skills among teaching assistants in Libyan Universities- Tripoli University. Four teaching assistants and two experienced teachers were randomly chosen for this study. Data was collected through four phases. Phase one: a closed-ended questionnaire was used to find out the teaching assistants‟ current perceptions of teaching skills. Phase two: the participants were engaged in observing experienced teachers. During the third phase, the participants were involved in teaching to be observed by experienced teachers. In the last phase, teaching assistants‟ perceptions were re-examined through the same close-ended questionnaire and through the observation of experienced teachers. This project is guided by the following research questions: how competent are EFL Libyan Teaching Assistants in undergoing teaching? And how effective is the implementation of Peer Observation in developing those Teaching Assistants?. The findings of this study indicate that classroom observation is a useful technique for developing English language teaching skills. arabic 7 English 47
Hani K. Ertemi(2-2019)
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