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  • َQualifications: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Academic Rank: Lecturer
  • Department of Mining Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering



All since 2019


Hatim Issa is a Teaching staff member in the Department of Mining Engineering, faculty of Engineering. Mr. Hatim Issa has been working at the University of Tripoli as a Teaching Assistant since 05/10/2002 and as an Assistant Lecturer since 03/15/2008 and as a Lecturer since 09/28/2016 and has many scientific publications in his field of specialization, Head of the Mining Engineering Department since 2019.


Hatim Issa has worked as a teaching assistant in the College of Engineering, Department of Mining Engineering since 2002, and obtained a master’s degree in rock mechanics and tunneling in 2008. He worked as a supervisor of the registration system in the department for four years, a coordinator of studies and exams in the Department of Mining in 2008/2009, and obtained a PhD in 2016 from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade / Serbia, and worked as a coordinator of studies and examinations in the Department of Mining in the year 2015-2019, and head of the Department of Mining Engineering from 2019-2022.

Research Interests

Hatim Issa teaches rock mechanics& tunneling, mining hydraulics, underground mines engineering, and mines safety. He supervises many graduation projects for undergraduate students in the field of physical and mechanical properties of rocks and soils, tunnel supporting, environmental projects, and solid waste treatment associated with electric arc furnaces. He has publications in international and local journals and conferences in his field of specialization.

External Activities

Commissioned by the University of Tripoli to assist the faculty of Teachers in Qasr Bin Ghashir to shift from the academic year system to the semester system in 2008.