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Prof. Fouad Abudaia

  • َQualifications: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Academic Rank: Professor
  • Department of Material Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering



All since 2019


Fouad Abudaia is one of the staff members at the department of materials and metallurgical Eng. He is working as a professor since 2017 . He teaches several subjects in his major and has several publications in the field of his interest.

اcoordinator of departmental higher studies

member of faculty higher study committee 

2022-head of department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering


1985 awarded Bachelor's degree in Materials and metallurgy engineering (ranked first in the department)

1986-1990 teaching assistant at the department of materials and metallurgical Eng.

1991-1996 Moving to work in the Central Research Laboratories to supervise the laboratories of mechanical testing, Nondestructive testing (NDT) and metallographic Lab

1990-1991 a postgraduate student (MSc) by examination and dissertation for the course of Metallic and Ceramic Materials. The title of dissertation is: “Deformation and Fracture of Aluminium and Aluminium alloys Metal Matrix Composites”

1992 MSc in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). The Victoria University of Manchester-England

1996-1999 staff member at the department of Material and Metallurgical Eng.

2003 awarded PhD degree in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. The title of the thesis is: “Microstructure and Fatigue Strength of High Performance Gear Steels”. University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

2003-present time Lecturer at the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tripoli University-Tripoli-Libya. Instructor for a number of courses including Mechanical properties of materials, Mechanical behavior of materials, Failure Analysis and Fracture Mechanics, Strength of materials, Properties of materials, Physical Metallurgy, Metallurgical Thermodynamics, Welding Metallurgy

2017 prompted full professor

2022 head of materials and metallurgical engineering department

Research Interests

Interest in studying the effect of welding processes on the microstructure and mechanical properties of metal materials

studying mechanical properties development induced by cryo-treatment and heat treatment and its relation to microstructural changes

published a number of scientific articles in international and Libyan periodicals and conference proceedings 

MSc supervisor for 8 researches on welding, metallurgy and material selection 

External Activities