Prof. Hussein Mesmari

  • َQualifications: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Academic Rank: Professor
  • Department of Material Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering



All since 2019


Hussein Mesmari is one of the staff members at the department of 12 faculty of 2. He is working as a since 2015-06-01. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.


1980 – 1981 Production Engineer, Tripoli steel Plant.

1981 – 1982  Attended nine months engineering management course with

            British steel corporation, United Kingdom

1988 –Lecturer, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

            Department (MMED), University of Tripoli .

1991 –Assistant Professor, (MMED).  University of Tripoli.

2010 –Associate Professor(MMED), University of Tripoli.

2015–  full academic professor (MMED), University of Tripoli.

Research Interests

Experimental work studies:


1- Selection of chemical De-emulsifier for the El-Bouri Field. Agip (N A M E)


2- Failure analysis of oil well head threaded bolts. Agip (N A M E). (1993)

3- Evaluation of irradiance control UVB – 133 exposure of Polymeric roofing

  material. Engineering Science for consultations Bureau, University of Tripoli

  (Former El-Fateh), (2003).

4- Lab. Evaluation of API 30 inches pipeline sample Agip Abu-Tefel field.    


5- Effect of processing technique on mechanical properties of 600mm GRP

    Pipes. Center for Macromolecular Chemistry and Technology, (2010).


Books written (in Arabic):


1- “Laboratories testing for materials” Final year of specialized engineering

     high school's (2002).

2- “elements of material science” Final year of specialized engineering

    high school's (2002),  reviewed, and  rewritten in (2009).


Supervisor for Master degree research thesis’s:


1- Case Carburizing of High strength low alloy steel, [Advance Center of

   Technology & University of Tripoli], (2002)

2- Evaluation of design parameters of connecting rod forging,[Advance Center of

    Technology & University of Tripoli], (2004)

3- Experimental and Numerical Simulation on Analyses strain distributions of

    sheet metal during drawing operations, [Advance Center of Technology &

    University of Tripoli], (2004).

4- Evaluation of MIG welding quality of Al-Mg 5454 alloy by using design of

    Experiment technique, [Advance Center of Technology & University of

    Tripoli], (2009).

5- The Effect Friction Welding Parameters on the Tensile and Microstructure  

    Properties of AISI 304 / 304 Stainless Steel and Al 6061-T6 / 304 Stainless

    Steel Joints, University of Tripoli, (2012)


Recent publication:

1- H. Mesmari and W. A. Dahil “Evaluation of MIG Welding Quality of Al-Mg

  5454 Alloy” Journal of Engineering Research, University of Tripoli (Former El-

  Fateh), 12th Issue Sep. 2009.

2- A. Musa, A. A. Rahoma, and H.R. Mesmari “Electrochemical and quantum

  chemical calculation on 4,4-dimethyloxazolidine -2-thione as inhibitor for mild

  steel corrosion in hydrochloric acid”. ELSEVIER, Journal of Molecular    

  structure 969(2010), 233-237.

3- Hussein Mesmari, and M. Abouseif “ Case Carborizing of Steel-37” 13th

    International Scientific Conference, Mechanical Engineering 2010. Slovak

    University of Technology, Bartislava, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Oct.

    12, 2010. S5-77.

4- Hussein Mesmari, and Fawzia Krayem “Mechanical and Microstructure  

    Properties of 304 Stainless Steel Friction Welded Joint” International Research  

    Journal of Engineering Science, Technology and Innovation (IRJESTI), Vol. 2(4)

    p. 65-74, July, 2013 (ISSN-2315- 5663).

5- Hussein Mesmari, and E.A. Madi  “Experimental and Numerical Simulation

    Analyses on Strain Distribution of Sheet Metal Draw Forming” Journal of

    Engineering Research, University of Tripoli, 19th Issue Mar. 2014.

6- Hussein Mesmari, and Mohammed El Marghani, " Characterization of  Mixed

    Metal  Oxide  Anodes", 14th SGEM GeoConference on Science and

   Technologies in Geology, Exploration and Mining, Bulgaria,  June 2014

 7- Hussein Mesmari and  Ibrahim EL Bukhari,  "Investigation on Internal Roller

      Burnishing Process of Al- 2024-T361 Surface Roughness and Microhardness

      Characteristics",  International Journal of Advanced Technology & Engineering

 Research (IJATER), Vol. 4, Issue 6, Nov. 2014, ISSN No: 2250-3536.

8- Hussein Mesmari, Esra Gajam, and Fatma El Zrarrog,  " Analysis of pitting and

   crevice corrosion on Incoloy 825-cladded carbon steel pipeline in aerated stagnant

   water. ", International Journal of Advanced Technology & Engineering  Research

   (IJATER), Vol. 5, Issue 1, Jan. 2015, ISSN No: 2250- 3536 .

9- Hussein Mesmari, and Fawzia Krayem “The Strength and Fracture Morphology    

    of Similar and Dissimilar Continuous Drive Friction Welding AISI 304/304   

    and Al 6061-T6/304 ” Journal of  Engineering Research, University of Tripoli,

    23rd Issue Mar. 2017.



External Activities

1- Head of (MMED), University of Tripoli (Former

    El-Fateh) (1990 – 1992).

2- Head of Technical committee on steel products standards. [Libyan National

    Center for Standardization and Metrology]. Tripoli Libya (1990 – 1992)

3- Part time lecturer to marine academy, marine engineering Dep. (1993 - 1996)

4- Head of Technical committee on Metallic and Mechanical product

    Standards, [Libyan National Center for Standardization and Metrology]

    Tripoli- Libya (1991 – 1996)


5- Part time consultant to [Agip Oil Company, department of Quality Assurance]

    Tripoli- Libya. (1996 – 1998)

6- Member of committee to [National center for planning of education and

    Training - UNESCO] Committee of preparing the specialized High school's

    curriculum for Natural Resources School. (Dec. 1999).

7- Part time consultant to [Water Well Implementation Authority] Tripoli Libya

    (1998 – 2000).

8- Member of committee to [General popular Committee for Inspection and

    Public Control] Committee of evaluation and following-up Gas and Oil project

    Performance. (2004 -2006).

9- Post graduate program tutor to [National bureau for research and development,

    Center of Technical Researches and Studies, mechanical branch] (2006 -   


10 - Member of committee to [National center for planning of education  

     and Training

11- UNESCO] Committee of reviewing, developing, and preparing the

     specialized engineering High school's curriculum (Sep. 2009).

12- Director of the Center for Macromolecular Chemistry and Technology

      (2007- 2012) UNESCO project 901BLY2000