Information and Documentation Center

Word Of the Manager Information and Documentation Center


 The Information and Documentation Center (IDC) envisions leadership and distinction by way of perfecting a smart, digital and knowledge-based system with international standards for the University of Tripoli.


The IDC has a task of providing integrated and safe technical solutions to enhance all administrative, educational and research operations. It works on elevating the level of performance at the university, while keeping abreast of technological advances, and spreading knowledge of information technology.


The IDC aims at:

·         Utilizing information technology to support all activities at the university.

·         Matching university strategy with e-government programs.

·        Providing a secure information system that conforms to international standards.

Providing consultations, technical studies, proposing solutions, and providing training services in the fields of information technology.


The IDC adopts values include quality, honesty, distinction, innovation, creativity, accountability, transparency, credibility, and teamwork. 

Organizational Structure for Information and Documentation Center