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Midwifery & Neonatology comprises two (2) levels of education program. The first level comprises the general education component and some professional courses of the baccalaureate degree leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). It offers a strong foundation as the student threads through their educational endeavor in the nursing profession. At this level, students will develop and be equipped with adequate competence to function as a science-oriented professional as they progress to the next level of their nursing career as student specializing in Midwifery & Neonatology.

Midwifery and Neonatology is one of the most exciting areas of specialization. It is an area which attracts and develops confident and supportive practitioners in the future. But there is a lot more to midwifery than just delivering babies. Midwifery is about being with, caring for and supporting women throughout their childbearing years. Ante natal and post natal care and support are just as important as is the underlying theory and experience which will allow students to approach every case with confidence and the right knowledge to ease the birthing process.

There is more autonomy than in some other areas of health care with each student  having  her own caseload, for which they are responsible. Prior to graduation, the students should have completed the required number of (10) actual delivery cases, (10) assisted delivery cases, and (10) cord cases.

The department has a skills laboratory that provides a comfortable atmosphere for students to learn and enrich their experience. The skills lab is equipped with numerous anatomical models. The models are accessible to the students at all times and they are used extensively during individual and group study sessions or tutorial sessions.


To  promote  further   health  and  well being  of  women  and  newborn  by evidenced  based  standards 


:       To  prepare standard of care clinically  and  theoretically  nurse – midwives who  provides quality  of  care  to  women , newborn  and  families 


Midwifery & Neonatology equips students with specialized skills to provide prenatal care, attends childbirth, provides support during labor and delivery and supervises the general postpartum care for both mothers and newborns. It also includes caring for newborn infants up to 28 days subsequent to birth covering the three different levels of working as a neonatal nurse including the care of newborns at risk.

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