Dr. Ismail Alohishi

  • َQualifications: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
  • Faculty of Sharia Sciences - tajoura



All since 2019


Tasks. Since joining the League in 2010, the Professor has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Sharia Sciences Tajoura in the Department of Arabic Language. He teaches subjects in the field of Arabic linguistic studies and has scientific experience in teaching Arabic language subjects and scientific research in all matters related to his field. He is currently the Registrar of the Faculty of Sharia Sciences Tajoura.


Career. The Professor is a prominent member of the Department of Arabic Language. In addition to teaching Arabic subjects to the students of the College in general, he has been included in the Department in all management positions. He has been the Coordinator of Studies and Examinations for years. He also chaired the Department in several years and is an active member of the Final Examinations Committee in previous years.

Research Interests

Research interests. The professor is interested in publishing many Arabic linguistic research and has a number of research interests. He is classified as an active researcher in the field of Arabic linguistic studies. He has a number of scientific research published in court journals. He has served as a supervisor of a number of graduation research for students in the field of Arabic language.


His published research includes:


1.     The noun in the genitive case verbally in Arabic grammar.

2.     Intention and their impact on expression and meaning.

3.     The grammatical embedding (an analytical descriptive study).

4.     Remove described in the words of the Arabs (the hadith of the Prophet as an example).

5.     Facilitate parsing Through the different grammarians' opinions (apo oumar al-jarmi opinions Example).


He also participated in the conference "The language of the Koran between Al-Iqbal and Al-Hijran" in 2022 at the University of Tripoli. He was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Conference and a judge of some of the research involved in it. He participated in research in one of its hubs on the issue of facilitation in teaching and education.

External Activities

External activities. The Professor conducts linguistic scrutiny of many scientific letters, methodological and research books and tight journals. Among his activities outside the University, he gives lectures and courses in teaching the foundations of Arabic grammar in public and private scientific centres. Over the past 23 years, he has also carried out a number of works and activities And He worked as a teacher for the Holy Koran in one of the custody centres of the Office of Waqf Tripoli, worked as a linguistic auditor in local newspapers, radio the Holy Koran in the Libyan Broadcasting Authority and taught Arabic at the secondary level.


Conference paper

د. إسماعيل مفتاح محمد الوحيشي (9-2022)
أعمال مؤتمر لغة القرآن - كلية العلوم الشرعية تاجوراء وكلية الآداب جامعة طرابلس, 1(0)

Journal Article

د. إسماعيل مفتاح محمد الوحيشي (1-2018)
مجلة السراج المنير - رابطة علماء ليبيا
د. إسماعيل مفتاح محمد الوحيشي (3-2018)
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د. إسماعيل مفتاح محمد الوحيشي (12-2020)
مجلة المعيار / كلية العلوم الشرعية تاجوراء
د. إسماعيل مفتاح الوحيشي (6-2021)
مجلة المعيار / كلية العلوم الشرعية تاجوراء

PhD Thesis

د. إسماعيل مفتاح محمد الوحيشي, (5-2018)
جامعة الجنان / لبنان

Master Thesis