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Fatma Shaban Mohamed Elmegrahi


Doctor of Phiosophy

Academic Rank

Assistant Professor



I worked as a faculty member at the University of Tripoli / College of Education - Tripoli Department of Special Education since 2021 until the present time. I worked since my appointment in higher education 2008-2021 AD at the Faculty of Education - Janzour. During this period, I obtained a PhD in 2020 AD, and I was promoted He became an assistant professor in 2022. Among the subjects taught during that period were measurement and evaluation, educational statistics, childhood tests and measurements, caring for the gifted and talented, psychological tests, individual differences, personality theories.



After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Education / Department of Education and Psychology, I was appointed as a psychologist at Al-Razi Sanitarium for Psychiatric and Mental Illnesses from 1985-1996 AD. In 2008 .. Then I moved to higher education from 2008 until the present time. I worked as a faculty member in the class teacher department, then moved to the kindergarten department and worked as a study and examinations coordinator in the department. In 2021 to the Faculty of Education, Tripoli - Department of Special Education.

Research Interests

Research interests

During the work in higher education, a number of researches were published, and attention was focused on the gifted and mentally gifted, in addition to intelligence tests and academic achievement tests.

External Activities

External activities

* Participation in the specialized training course entitled (Preparing and Building Exams) in the period from 10/30 to 11/4/2010 AD

* Participation in the training course in the field of psychological support _ Libyan Red Crescent Tripoli branch in the period from 6-12/2/2012 AD.

* Participation in the training workshop on (Methods and Methods for Detection of the Gifted), Cairo, Egypt, from 4-6 February 2013 AD.

* Participation in the training workshop on the Stanford-Binet scale, the fifth image (trainer), held in Algeria from 18-21 March 2017.

* Participation in attending the training workshop on "Designing Interactive Curricula for Educational Concepts" on the sidelines of the Thirteenth Scientific Conference for Gifted and Talented Care held from 14-16 March 2019 - Cairo, Egypt.

* I standardize the Raven Intelligence Test for Colored Progressive Matrices as a test of general intelligence "supervised by the Libyan Authority for Scientific Research (under construction).

* Member of the Libyan Society of Psychology.

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