Bachelor in Criticism and Dramatic Writing

Faculty of Arts and Design - Department of Dramatic Arts


This program grants a bachelor's degree in Criticism and Dramatic Writing, after the student passes 65 credits, including general compulsory courses and supporting and elective courses in the Department of Dramatic Arts. During the first and second semesters, the student studies the common general courses with other academic programs in the Department of Dramatic Arts. Then the student begins studying his major in Criticism and Dramatic Writing. It is a specialization that aims to qualify and prepare specialized cadres in the field of artistic criticism and dramatic writing. The specialized courses include 53 academic units, through which the student studies courses such as classical and contemporary criticism approaches, drama theories, foundations and technique of dramatic writing for theatre, and script writing for cinema and television.


  • Achieving high standards of quality and efficiency to meet the needs of the labor market in the areas of criticism and dramatic writing through various means of delivery.
  • Encouraging scientific research in the field of drama to contribute to the enrichment of scientific libraries.
  • Achieving scientific and artistic development in the fields of drama, and meeting local needs.
  • Communication between the program and the community through scientific and artistic activities. And contribute to raising the level of community awareness and improving the artistic and aesthetic taste.


  • The ability to practice artistic and creative functions related to the field of dramatic writing and critical studies of dramatic works through its various media (theatre, cinema, television, radio, and the Internet).
  • The ability to absorb and practice artistic and literary criticism of dramatic productions.
  • Acquiring the skills of scientific research, scientific and creative writing in the fields of drama through its various media.

Certificate Rewarded

  • BA in Criticism and Dramatic Writing

Entry Reuirements

  • The student applying to study at the college must have a general secondary school completion certificate
  •   The student must adhere to the university's regulations, instructions, and regulations in force during the study.
  • The college accepts students transferring from other universities and colleges, according to the admission procedures determined by the scientific committee of the university, and in the majors available in the college.
  • The transfer student is required to submit documents showing the subjects and courses he studied, the scientific content of each of them, and the number of hours and units in each course.
  • The student must submit all documents required for admission to the college registration office.
  • Passing the entrance exam

Study Plan

The Bachelor in Criticism and Dramatic Writing prepares students to qualify for Bachelor in Criticism and Dramatic Writing . The student studies several subjects which have been carefully chosen in this major to cover its different aspects.

It comprises 8 Semesters of study, in which the student will study a total of 132 units, which include 10 units of general subjects, and 115 major units, 3 of elective units. In addition to a final project in the student's major.

Study plan for this program is shown below:

1st Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
GS121 02 University requirement +

GS122 02 University requirement +

GS123 02 University requirement +

TTA121 02 General +

2nd Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
GS224 02 University requirement +

TTA223 02 Compulsory +

3rd Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
TTA226 Dramatic Terms 03 General +