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Bachelor - Information Systems

The Department of Information Systems is concerned with how information technology is used, practiced and applied in all service and technical fields. This is why this specialization is considered the link between computer science disciplines and various fields of work, through which students can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze, design, develop and operate information systems, and the department covers most of the information systems. Research areas in information systems such...


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Dr. Abdoessalam Mansour Abdoessalam Abdoessalam

Abdoessalam M. Abdoessalam is one of the staff members at the department of Information Systems faculty of IT. He is working as associate professor since 2015-04-01. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several publications in the field of his interest.


Some of publications in Department of Information Systems

Comparative Study on Inverted File versus Signature File performance in Information Retrieval System used by Arabic Language

Abstract--- In this research paper we have presented a comparison among two Information Retrieval models namely, Inverted file and Signature file for investigating their performance in Arabic Information Retrieval Systems. We have studied both models as to judge the models performance and their effectiveness. arabic 16 English 108
Mohamed Abdeldaiem Abdelhadi Mahboub(2-2015)
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A developed Shadow Agent based on Ad-hoc Routing used to Optimize the Performance of DSR in different Network Environments

Abstract— in this research paper, Dynamic Source Routing were under certain studies from different aspects including a comparison between DSR performance according to different environments and with other protocols. DSR is a well-known ad hoc protocol, which is restricted to small networks. A new developed Agent used to enhance the performance of the DSR. A developed shadow Agent has made a new step forward to solve the problem of routing maintenance. This developed Agent has the ability to control the routing in the network which normally holding a routing table to increase the utilization of the routing protocol. The developed shadow Agent has played a major role to handle the expected dis-connectivity that may happen when the Agent changes its location, arabic 19 English 103
Mohamed Abdeldaiem Abdelhadi Mahboub(6-2014)
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Comprehensive Study on Query Optimization Techniques used in Data Warehousing

Abstract: In this research review paper, we have introduced our work with a comprehensive study on data warehousing, regarding to its novelty; depending on that, there was an intensive research work, because of its importance and need nowadays, we have reviewed and studied big amount of researches available in the Information Systems research centers around the globe. We have focused on optimization in our comprehensive studies and also on the processes of data warehousing with respect to its updated optimized queries approaches and its vast utilization in the Market. We found that ,the most useful information extracted by using both approaches which have used within new optimized techniques for query-driven approaches, has got potentially effected on the strategies of most successful data warehousing integration models. arabic 9 English 68
Mohamed Abdeldaiem Abdelhadi Mahboub(10-2019)
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