Plant diveristy of Al-Khoms – Misrata Province in Libya


  • Mohammed Makhlouf University of Tripoli, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Botany


Plant diversity, Flora, Al-Khoms, Misrata.


The present parer concernes mainly with the plant species diversity of Al-

Khoms - Misrata province. The survey of plant species of such area was taken in

between 2018-2020. A total number of 375 different plants have been collected

representing 62 families, 241 genera, and 375 species, of which 51 families and

307 species are belonging to dicotyledons, 8 families and 65 species belonging

to monocotyledons, and 3 families belong to Gymnosperms each represented by

only one species. The results of this study showed that the dominance of the

family Asteraceae with 65 species, followed by the family Fabaceae with 48

species, the family Poaceae with 41 species, the family Brassicaceae with 20

species, the family Chenopodiaceae with 17 species, the family Liliaceae with 14

species, and the family Lamiaceae with 13 species. Other families are represented

by 7 species or less. The present results have also shown that the dominance of

the genera Plantago  with 9 species, followed by Ononis  and Astragalus  with 7

species each. Analysis of lifeform spectrum have indicated that the predominance

of therophytes with 218 species, followed by Hemicryptophytes with 61 species.

However, chorotype spectrum analysis have shown that the dominance of

Mediterranian with 164 species, followed by Mediterrean/ Iranu-Turanean with

80 species.


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