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The Faculty of Languages was established in 1986/1987, under the name of the Language Center. In 1988, the former General People's Committee issued a Decision No. 245 of 1988 to change the name of the Center to the Faculty of Languages. In 2002, the Faculties of Languages, Social and Applied Sciences, and Education were merged together under the name “Faculty of Arts".


However, with the start of the Fall Term in 2008/2009, the academic activities of the Faculty of Languages ​​were re-activated in all its levels pursuant to the decision of the former General People's Committee No. 535 of 2007 on the reorganization of universities and higher institutes. Since then, all language departments ended integration with the Faculty of Arts.


The Faculty of Languages ​​in its second era includes six departments:


Department of Arabic Language

Department of English Language

Department of French Language

Department of Spanish Language

Department of Italian Language

Department of African Languages

Department of Translation

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Bachelor - Swahili Language

       The Kiswahili language program for beginners covers the basic levels of students in the general basics and enhances their knowledge...

PhD - Arabic Literature

       The message of this program is the message of the Arabic language throughout history, and it can be summed up in caring for...

Bachelor - Arabic Language

       In view of the importance of the Arabic language as one of the components of the nation's identity and the most prominent...


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MUSTFA Abdallah Abdrhman Basheer

Hard-working and passionate Translation Studies lecturer who focused on creating positive environments in which students can learn and grow. I Incorporate interdisciplinary knowledge supported with real life examples into classroom to engage students of all learning orientations . I am interested in developing a career which combines teaching and research, while maintaining my interest in public engagement in different aspects.


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