Bachelor in Italian Language

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       This Italian BA provides a stimulating program of Italian language and linguistics, literature, art, history and film. Students can take Italian from beginner's level or advanced (post A level or equivalent). Language study is compulsory throughout the program and is designed to cater for those either with or without prior knowledge of the language. You will also take modules each year in areas such as literature, history, linguistics, culture and art, covering a large historical timespan.

       The Italian language and Italian literature are taught in the Italian Language Department at the Faculty of Languages, using modern curricula that were brought from famous Italian universities. The student studies the first semester as an introductory semester and is given the Italian language and three other general subjects, then he begins to study 34 specialized subjects divided into seven semesters in addition to some general subjects.

       After completing eight semesters (the introductory semester and seven specialized semesters in the Italian language department), the student obtains a BA in Italian from the Faculty of Languages - University of Tripoli

       Based on an agreement concluded between the State of Libya and the State of Italy, annually a number of students in the department receive scholarships in an Italian country that are paid for. In the past, some of the department's graduates also received scholarships to prepare for master's degrees.

       The labor market for graduates of the Italian language is abundant and in high demand. The teaching of the Italian language as a foreign language has recently been approved in the secondary stages in the State of Libya, which makes the teaching of the Italian language in Libyan universities very important.


  • The student should be able to show specialized scientific knowledge in the field of the uses of the Italian language and translation from and to it.
  • To familiarize the student with the basic concepts in scientific research.
  • The student must show his ability to enroll in a postgraduate program.
  • The student should be able to engage professionally in jobs related to his specialization.


  • Proficiency in the Italian language, which allows the student to speak, communicate and write in it.
  • The ability to translate from Italian into Arabic and vice versa.
  • Knowledge of a second foreign language in addition to the Italian language and the Arabic language as a mother tongue.
  • Communication with languages and cultures based on the concept of cultural diversity.
  • To understand the grammatical and grammatical rules of the Italian language
  • That the student deduces the methods of linguistic and literary expression in the Italian language
  • To familiarize the student with the cultural and cultural components of the Italian language
  • To familiarize the student with the principles of translation, theories of linguistics and literary theories.
  • That the student analyze ideas, and be able to dialogue and persuasion in a logical manner.
  • To search for information using modern technology (the Internet).
  • The student should graduate able to communicate by all technical and scientific means.
  • The student reads texts in Italian correctly.
  • That the student use the correct grammar of the Italian language to write a topic or a scientific report.
  • That the student graduate qualified and highly qualified in the field of language.
  • The student should be able to work in a group.

Certificate Rewarded

  • Bachelor's degree in Italian language

Entry Reuirements

  • Obtaining a high school diploma.
  • The student's grade should be (65%).

Study Plan

The Bachelor in Italian Language prepares students to qualify for Bachelor in Italian Language. The student studies several subjects which have been carefully chosen in this major to cover its different aspects.

It comprises 8 Semesters of study, in which the student will study a total of 132 units, which include 14 units of general subjects, and 114 major units

Stupy plan for this program is shown below:

1st Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
SL19100 General French Language 02 Compulsory +

This course focuses on the basic principles of the French language, as it contains oral and written communication in various everyday situations. Therefore, the subjects related to the basics are given priority in this course and the students will get practical tools, useful structures and vocabulary that they use more independently in order to understand the French language And to be understood by people who speak this language, emphasis is also placed on preparing the student to engage in the French language department. It is hoped that this new organization of educational materials and objectives will serve the real educational transformation, which is represented in reorienting foreign language learning towards more effective educational methods.

2nd Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
AREN200 Arabic Language 2 02 General AREN19100 +

This course is concerned with teaching students the correct structure of Arabic sentences, developing students’ linguistic skills i.e. morphological, grammatical, written, text processing, clarifying sentences and sound linguistic structures according to the rules of the Arabic language, and preserving students’ tongues and pens from making mistakes.

IT 202 04 Elective +

IT 203 04 Compulsory +

IT 204 04 Compulsory +

IT101 Grammar 1 04 Compulsory +

IT102 04 Compulsory +

IT201 Grammar 2 04 Compulsory +

3rd Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
AREN300 Arabic Language 3 02 General AREN200 +

This course is concerned with developing the student's linguistic skills, including grammar, morphology, and spelling, and applying them to Quranic and poetic texts.

IT 303 04 Compulsory IT 203 +

IT301 Grammar 3 04 Compulsory IT201 +

This course aims to provide selected vocabulary and grammar rules that suit the comprehension level of the students. This course also includes exercises to build vocabulary and to enhance students' abilities in forming simple sentences and dialogues that focus on the present and past tense. This course focuses on understanding the basic rules to reach the top of language proficiency and avoid making grammatical or logical errors. This enables the student to speak and write in Italian accurately and fluently.

IT302 Comprehension and Oral Expression 3 04 Compulsory IT 202 +

Comprehension and Oral Expression 3 is a course that is taught in the third semester in the Italian Language Department. It is followed by Comprehension and Oral Expression 2. It is considered complementary to it, and in it the student is taught how to verbally express all that is important in daily life in sentences, simple topics, and summarization. Some texts and dialogues.

IT304 02 Compulsory IT 204 +

4th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
403IT 04 Compulsory IT302 +

AR201 Arabic Language 4 02 General +

Arabic language is one of the most important linguistic subjects because it is our tongue, and whoever is not fluent in its language has no language. Therefore, the Arabic language is considered the fourth level as a complement to the course of an integrated curriculum. This subject is concerned with developing the student’s linguistic skills, especially grammatical, through the application of some Quranic and poetic texts.

IT4022 04 Compulsory IT 203 +