Bachelor in English Translation

University of Tripoli - Department of English Language


The study program in the Department of English Language with its two divisions, Literature and Translation, is one of the distinguished departments in the College of Arts. To excel in education and scientific research and encourage it based on quality programs, those programs that were developed to serve the education and scientific research, and to exploit those programs and courses to serve the other generation.


The Department of English aspires to be the college's channel for cultural and civilizational communication with different cultures in the corresponding departments in local, regional, and international universities.

The message:

The department's mission lies in meeting the needs of the Libyan labor market in terms of translators, researchers, and those who are important in the field of translation, its studies, and its sciences, with specifications that serve scientific research and society, by quality standards locally, internationally, and globally.


1-Providing the community with competencies capable of mastering the English language with all its theoretical, applied, and communicative language skills, and translating it from and into Arabic and vice versa.

2- Preparing graduates with language skills that enable them to speak fluently and eloquently in many and varied situations in English that serve the individual and society, such as interpreters and others.

 3- Preparing a batch of graduates who can engage in the labor market and employment in translation offices, legal offices, companies, embassies, airlines, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc., and prepare researchers in the field of translation and its sciences and studies that serve their research and studies in scientific research at home and abroad. 

4- practicing the student of having moral courage, artistic sense, and creative ability that lead them to success in the media and propaganda milieu, and to present in TV and audio programs in English.

5- Graduating batches of holders of a bachelor’s degree in translation who can join the graduate studies program, whether at home or abroad.


- Preparing students who can write various reports and articles with accurate academic standards, smooth and unique style, and unlimited orientations.

2- Enable the student, through intensive courses in grammar and grammatical structures, to communicate accurately and properly. And preparing them to use the appropriate and correct English dialect and accent.

.3- Enabling the student, through organized intensive courses in conversation, to learn an unlimited number of vocabulary in the second language and in a variety of contexts that meet the needs of the student at the formal and informal levels in his public and private relations in his field of specialization and outside the specialization.

4- Contribute to enhancing the student’s culture in the English language by exposing him to various texts that make the student balanced and aware of the cultural overlap between peoples, away from fanaticism and fanaticism, and away from stripping oneself of identity. On the contrary, reading develops students’ curiosity and passion to know a lot in order to coexist in peace, security, and respect.

5- Enabling the student to get acquainted with many mechanisms, strategies, and theories in translation and in different fields, whether oil, military, media, diplomatic, literary, scientific, religious, immediate, sequential, commercial, audiovisual, translation, orientalism, and others. Where he learns about different and varied topics covering all the mentioned courses and from specialized professors and professionals in the field of translation.


Certificate Rewarded

Bachelor Degree in English Translation

Entry Reuirements

1.The student must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

2. The regular student should devote him-herself entirely to studying at the college, and not be registered in any other college or institute, and the non-regular student should be subject to the conditions of the relevant department in a manner commensurate with his capabilities and capacity to absorb.

3. His/her grade in the specialized secondary certificate should not be less than the percentage determined by the General People's Committee for Education and Scientific Research, which is announced annually immediately after announcing the results of the specialized secondary exams in their periodicals and the like.

4. Foreign students may be accepted with scholarships at the expense of the community in accordance with the principles and rules that decide on the admission of Libyan students. The university may set conditions for accepting non-Libyan students to study at their own expense in accordance with the legislation in force. It is required that the applicant be a non-Arab Libyan residing in this country as a habitual resident throughout the period of his studies in the college and that he fulfills all the conditions related to the qualification, without prejudice to the rules of reciprocity stipulated in the agreements signed in this regard.

5. The non-Libyan applicant should undertake to pay fees and study expenses in accordance with the regulations, decisions, and legislation issued and in force at the university.

6. To be healthy, free from infectious diseases, and able to follow theoretical and practical lessons.

7. He/ She has to pass the written oral entrance exam in the department.

Study Plan

The Bachelor in English Translation prepares students to qualify for Bachelor in English Translation. The student studies several subjects which have been carefully chosen in this major to cover its different aspects.

It comprises 9 Semesters of study, in which the student will study a total of 126 units, which include 15 units of general subjects, and 99 major units, 4 of elective units. In addition to a final project in the student's major.

Study plan for this program is shown below:

1st Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
UT112O Computer I 02 General +

EN501 Composition I 02 Compulsory +

Composition 1 provides students with the rhetorical foundations that prepare them for the demands of academic and professional writing. In this course, students will learn and practice the strategies and processes that successful writers employ as they work to accomplish specific purposes.

RT1250 Generic psychology 01 General +

RT1251 The history of civilization 01 General +

UT1101 Arabic Language 1 02 General +

Editing reports and graduation projectsProper writing and eloquent languageReading courses and extracting information in a smooth wayPreparing research papers in understandable language.

EN1312 Listening and Conversation1 02 Compulsory +

EN1301 Grammar 1 02 Compulsory +

2nd Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
EN2308 Composition2 02 Compulsory EN1308 +

EN2312 Conversation 2 02 Compulsory EN1312 +

UT2102 Arabic language 2 02 General UT1101 +

يعنى هذا المقرر بدراسة الآتي: الجملة الاسمية ومكوناتها: (تعريف المبتدأ والخبر وإعرابهما، وأنواع المبتدأ، وأنواع الخبر، وتقديم الخبر عن المبتدأ، وحذف مكونات الجملة الاسمية)، والنواسخ الداخلة على الجملة الاسمية: (كان وأخواتها، وظن وأخواتها، وإن وأخواتها)، والجملة الفعلية ومكوناتها: (الفعل اللازم والمتعدي، والفاعل وأحكامه، والفعل المبني للمعلوم و الفعل المبني للمجهول، ونائب الفاعل وأحكامه، وأحكام إسناد الفعل إلى مرفوعه، فاعلاً ، أو نائبَ فاعل)، وبعض متممات الجملة الفعلية: (المفعول به، والمفعول المطلق، والمفعول لأجله، والمفعول فيه، والحال، والتوابع: (النعت، والعطف، والتوكيد، والبدل)، والتمييز وأحكامه، وبعض الأساليب: (أسلوب النداء، وأسلوب الاستثناء، وأسلوب الاستفهام، وأسلوب الشرط)، والتاء المفتوحة والمربوطة، وضابط رسمهما، واللام الشمسية واللام القمرية، والألف اللينة وأحكام رسمها، وحذف بعض الحروف من الكتابة، وزيادة بعض الحروف في الكتابة، ومواضع فصل الكلمات ووصلها، وعلامات الترقيم، والكتابة الإدارية: (الدعوة إلى الاجتماع، ومحاضر الاجتماعات).

EN2304 Reading comprehension 2 02 Compulsory EN1304 +

EN2301 Grammar 2 02 Compulsory EN1301 +

RT1253 Geography of Libya 01 General RT1251 +

RT1252 Islamic culture 01 General RT1250 +

UT2121 02 General UT112O +

3rd Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
TR3011 grammar 3 02 Compulsory +

v التعرف على وظائف أدوات التعريف و الضمائر و الصفات و حروف الجر و أدوات الربط v التعريف بتراكيب الجمل الموصولة و أنواعها. التعريف بأنواع الصفات و صفات المقارنة و المفاضلة

TR305 Italian language 3 02 General +

EN5301 English varieties 1 02 Compulsory EN1304 +

EN3308T Academic writing 1 02 Compulsory EN1308 +

EN3340 Introduction in translation 02 Compulsory RT1253 +

EN3320 Basics of translation 02 Compulsory EN1312 +

EN3324 History of translation 02 Compulsory +

EN3330 Linguistics 02 Compulsory EN1308 +

To provide students with the knowledge of linguistics necessary to be able to read and understand undergraduate-level academic/scientific texts dealing with topics in descriptive and theoretical linguistics and adjacent fields to shed the light on the importance of learning the basic terms and concepts of English linguistics

EN3402T Arabic language 3 02 Compulsory UT1101 +

يعنى هذا المقرر بدراسة الآتي: مفهوم الفصاحة والبلاغة، وبناء الجملة في العربية وتقسيمها، والجملة الخبرية وأحوالها، والجملة الإنشائية وأقسامها، والذكر والحذف عند البلاغيين، والترادف والاشتراك والتضاد، والمعاجم العربية: (أنواعها، وطريقة البحث فيها)، المركز والهامش في الدلالة، ودراسة لغوية لنصوص من: القرآن الكريم، والحديث النبوي الشريف، والشعر والنثر

4th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
EN4350 Semantics 02 Compulsory EN3330 +

TR407 listening comprehension 02 Compulsory +

TR405 Italian language 4 03 Compulsory +

TR301 grammar 4 02 Compulsory +

1. أهداف المقرر v التعرف على أنواع الظرف في اللغة الإنجليزية و استخدامه و مواضعه بالجملة v التعرف على تركيبة و استعمال الظرف بالصياغة الأدبية. v التعرف على الأفعال الوصفية و الأفعال الاسمية. v التعرف على صيغ الأفعال المبنية و أفعال الاستمرارية.

EN4308 Creative Writing 1 02 Compulsory EN1308 +

EN4324 Strategies of translation 02 Compulsory EN3340 +

EN4328 Phonetics 1 02 Compulsory EN3324 +

EN6301 English varieties 2 02 Compulsory EN5301 +

EN4402 Arabic Language 4 02 Compulsory UT1101 +

يعنى هذا المقرر بدراسة الآتي: والتقديم والتأخير، والقصر، والإيجاز والإطناب والمساواة، والإعراب وقضاياه، ودراسة تطبيقية على طريقة استخدام المعجم الوسيط والمعجم الوجيز، ورموزهما المستعملة، وقراءة مقدمتي المعجمين، وتطور الدلالة، وعوامل تطورها، ودراسة لغوية لنصوص من: القرآن الكريم، والحديث النبوي الشريف، والشعر والنثر

5th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
TR509 morphology 02 Compulsory +

v To enable students learn the basic components of English words v To shed the light on the importance of learning word parts in the process of learning English v To enable students understand the internal structure of words and the relationship between word parts

TR5080 general translation 02 Compulsory +

0TR507 translation theory 02 Compulsory +

TR505 0 Italian language 5 02 General +

0TR506 Arabic language 5 02 General +

EN5308 02 Compulsory EN5301 +

EN5322 Grammatical Structure 1 02 Compulsory EN1301 +

EN6340 simultaneous translation 02 Compulsory +

TR504 discourse analysis 02 Elective +

6th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
TR603 consecutive translation 03 Compulsory +

TR601T syntax 2 02 Compulsory +

TR609 contrastive analysis 02 Compulsory +

v التعرف على أهمية الدراسات اللغوية المقارنة. التعرف على وجه المقارنة بين اللغة العربية و اللغة الانجليزية

TR608- commercial and administrational translation 02 Compulsory +

TR607 legal translation 02 Compulsory +

TR606 Arabic language 6 03 Compulsory +

TR605 Italian language 6 02 Compulsory +

TR602 literary translation 02 Compulsory +

TR604 scientific and medical translation 02 Compulsory +

7th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
EN7344T Audiovisual Translation 02 Compulsory +

This module will introduce the students to the different types of audio-visual translation and different kinds of subtitle produced nowadays. The course covers the following topics:· Subtitle.· Dubbing. History of subtitle and dubbing.· The main characteristics of subtitling. The cultural and linguistic issues to be considered when subtitling (taboo word, register, dialects etc.).· Practical skill.· Training the students to:o Produce monolingual subtitle. Extract the essence of aural texts and compress them in writing.

EN7342T Machine Translation 02 Compulsory +

This course is concerned with the study of machine translation. It covers the following topics. This course to:1 .Introduce students to machine translation 2. Introduce students to various computer-aided translation tools 3. Introduce students to the history, aims and advantages of MT 4. Familiarize learners with SL/TL contextual analysis and train them how to improve the output of MT 5 Provide learners with all the information about translation tool, major MT systems ,approaches ,lexical data base, problems of ambiguity & Arabic MT

TR705 02 Compulsory +

v يهدف هذا المقرر إلى تعريف الطالب بأنواع القواميس والمصادر التي سيحتاجها في مجال عمله. v يهدف المقرر إلى تدريب الطالب على استخدام القواميس وطريقة البحث الصحيحة عن الكلمة المناسبة للسياق الصحيح. v التعرف على الموسوعات والمصادر التي من شانها مساعدة المترجم في الإلمام بالموضوع الذي سيقوم بترجمته . تدريب الطالب على استخدام التقنيات الحديثة في البحث عن المعلومة .

TR704 Diplomatic and political translation 02 Compulsory +

v التعرف على مفهوم الترجمة الدبلوماسية وخصائصها.v التعرف على كيفية ترجمة النصوص الدبلوماسية بكل انواعها.v التعرف على المشاكل التي قد تعوق المترجم اثناء ترجمة هذا النوع من النصوص وايجاد حلول لها. التعرف على المصطلحات الدبلوماسية والسياسية

TR703 research methods 01 Compulsory +

TR702 religious and philosophical translation 02 Compulsory +

TR701 syntax 3 02 Compulsory +

8th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
TR801 02 Compulsory +

TR802 02 Compulsory +

TR803 02 Compulsory +

TR804 03 Elective +

TR805 02 Elective +

TR807 02 Elective +

EN8314 Translation Criticism 02 Compulsory UT1101 +

This course introduces students to the approaches, methods and principles of criticizing translated texts in both Arabic and English. A wide diversity of published translations from different literary will be sampled. Through extensive training in text analysis, the relationship between translation theory and translation practice will be explored.

Elective Subjects

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
TR608 commercial and administrational translation 03 Compulsory +