Activities //

Today, Sunday, 26/02/2023, the College of Sciences received the students of the International School, Hadaba Al-Qasi branch, and they were received by Dr. Ibtisam Al-Usta, Director of the College’s International Cooperation Office

 The students then went to visit the herbarium of the Department of Botany and to the seminar hall of the Department of Zoology, where a film about the winter survey of birds was shown. They also visited the museum of the Department of Zoology and the laboratories of the Department of Geology.

 This visit comes within the framework of getting to know this great scientific edifice of the mother of colleges, the College of Science, and the services it provides to the community in various fields of science through its graduates over a period of nearly 67 years.

 The faculty members of the departments visited by the students provided a full explanation, presentation and complete analysis of everything the students saw, as well as the use of laboratory tools such as microscopes of different types and slide projectors, as well as the contents of the Museum of Zoology.  At the end of the visit, the students of the school and their accompanying professors presented a shield to the Faculty of Science in appreciation of the school administration, teachers and students for the volume of cooperation and interest that was given to the students in terms of the good reception and explanation from the faculty of the faculty. The shield was received by Dr. Jamal Andir, Vice Dean of the College.  The professors of the Geology Department presented a number of different rock samples to the school laboratory in order to keep them as a memory and to strengthen the students’ knowledge in this field.

 In turn, we highly value these successful and purposeful programs, and we hope for more of them, to serve the prosperous future generations, God willing, for our beloved country, Libya.