The Audit Team for Institutional Accreditation begins the audit of the graduate program in the Training Department

On the second day, and in the meantime, the audit team for institutional accreditation from the National Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Educational and Training Institutions begins the audit of the postgraduate program (Master) in the Training Department, with the membership of: Prof. Abdullah Al-Ahrash and Prof. Mohamed Amer and the presence of graduate studies coordinators in the department, section Dr. Fadwa Farhat, Prof. Samiha Al-Saqri, Prof. Nadia Al-Mabsout, and the support of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ruqaie.  This comes within the collection of standards and evidence. The corresponding meeting began this morning to check the evidence and evidence. The committee will continue, until Thursday, December 22, 2022.

May God grant success to all